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ANGER (Benjamin)
Traité Iconographique des Maladies Chirurgicales. Précédé d'une Introduction par M. Velpeau. Dessins d'après nature, par MM. Bion, Léveillé et Beau.
1865 £1200.00
Views of Devonshire. [Views of Clovelly. From the Pier; Ilfracombe. From Hillsborough; Ilfracombe. From Lantern Hill; Barnstable; Bideford; Appledore and Instow].
1865 £75.00
BROOKES (Samuel)
An Introduction to the Study of Conchology: Including Observations on the Linnaean Genera, and on the Arrangement of M. Lamarck; a Glossary, and a Table of English Names.
1815 £750.00
Catalogue Raisonné of 18th and Early 19th Century Flower and Fruit Books and Prints.
1970 £65.00
HILER (Hilaire and Meyer) Compilers.
Bibliography of Costume. A Dictionary Catalogue of About Eight Thousand Books and Periodicals.
1967 £26.00
HILER (Hilaire and Meyer) Compilers.
Bibliography of Costume. A Dictionary Catalogue of About Eight Thousand Books and Periodicals.
1967 £40.00
HOOKER (William Jackson)
Musci Exotici; Containing Figures and Descriptions of New or Little Known Foreign Mosses and other Cryptogamic Subjects.
1818 £2200.00
LIPPERHEIDE (Franz Joseph, Freiherr von)
Katalog der Freiherrlich von Lipperheid's schen Kostumbibliothek.
1896 £145.00
LIPPERHEIDE (Franz Joseph, Freiherr von)
Katalog der Lipperheideschen Kostumbibliothek. Neubearbeitet von Evan Nienholdt und Gretel Wagner-Neumann.
1965 £225.00
LOUDON (Mrs. [Jane Webb])
The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Greenhouse Plants.
1848 £1675.00
MARTYN (Thomas)
Thirty-Eight Plates, with Explanations; Intended to Illustrate Linnæus's System of Vegetables, and Particularly Adapted to the Letters of the Elements of Botany.
1817 £110.00
MOLEVILLE ( Antoine François Bertrand de)
The Costume of the Hereditary States of The House of Austria, Displayed in Fifty Coloured Engravings; with Descriptions, and an Introduction by M. Bertrand de Mokeville. Translated by R. C. Dallas, Esq.
1804 £795.00
MUNERELLE ( Jean-Baptiste) & LEMAITRE (Augustin François)
Phénomènes et les Curiosités de la Nature.
1856 £275.00
A Collection of Swiss Costumes, in Miniature, Designed by Reinhardt. Each Plate Represents a View taken on the Spot; To which is added a Description in French and English - Collection de Costumes Suisses, d'Après les Dessins de Reinhardt.
1822 £1295.00
ROSS (John)
A Voyage of Discovery, made under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage.
1819 £4400.00
SWEET (Robert)
Cistineæ. The Natural Order of Cistus, or Rock-Rose; Illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions of the Distinct Species, and the most Prominent Varieties, that could be at present procured in the Gardens of Great Britain; with the best direction for their cultivation and propagation.
1825 £975.00
English Books with Coloured Plates 1790 to 1860. A Bibliographical Account of the Most Important Books Illustrated by English Artists in Colour Aquatint and Colour Lithography.
1954 £16.00