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Author Title Year Price
A Short Title Catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese Books 1601-1700 in the Library of the British Museum.
1974 £10.00
Catalogue of Books Printed in the German-Speaking Countries and of German Books Printed in other Countries from 1601 to 1700 now in the British Library.
1994 £195.00
Short-Title Catalogue of Spanish, Spanish-American and Portuguese Books Printed Before 1601 in the British Museum.
1966 £18.00
Short-Title Catalogue of Eighteenth-Century Spanish Books in the British Library.
1994 £75.00
Short Title Catalogue of French Books 1601-1700 in the Library of the British Museum by V.F. Goldsmith.
1969 £50.00
The Britwell Handlist or Short-Title Catalogue of the Principal Volumes from the Time of Caxton to the Year 1800 Formerly in the Library of Britwell Court Buckinghamshire.
1933 £85.00
CATO (Marcus Porcius) and others.
Methodus Rustica Catonis atq. Varronis. Praeceptis aphoristicis per Locos communes digestis a Theodoro Zwingero typice delineata & illustrata.
1576 £1000.00
CAXTON (William)
Jacobus de Cessolis. The Game of Chess. Translated and Printed by William Caxton c.1483. Reproduced in Facsimile from the Copy at Trinity College, Cambridge, with an Introduction by N.F. Blake.
1976 £175.00
Caxton's Advertisement. Photolithograph of the Copy Preserved in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Being One of the only Two Copies Known. With an Introductory Note by Edward W.B. Nicholson.
1892 £20.00
The Churl and the Bird Translated from the French by John Lydgate. Printed by William Caxton About 1478.
1906 £45.00
CHRISTIE (Richard Copley)
The Old Church and School Libraries of Lancashire.
1885 £28.00
CLAIR (Colin)
Christopher Plantin.
1960 £12.00
CLAIR (Colin)
Christopher Plantin.
1960 £15.00
De Vita et Moribus sacerdotum opusculum singularem eorum dignitatem oftendens, & quibus ornata esse debeant virtutibus, authore Iudoco Clichthoueo theologo Parisiensi. Item Sacri canonis missæ parphrastica explicatio per Michaelem suffraganeum Moguntinum. Ionnes Rokziana de septem sacramentis de non scriptis traditionibus.
1550 £595.00
De Magistratibus & Republica Venetorum, Libri quinque, authore Gaspare Contareno Patricio Veneto.
1543 £640.00
CORSER (The Rev. Thomas)
Catalogue of the First [-Fourth] of the Extensive Library Formed by... Comprising a Large Assemblage of Rare and Unique Works of our Early English Poets and Dramatists, Several Volumes by Caxton and other Early English Printers, Manuscripts, Block Books, Etc.
1868 £85.00
CRUTCHLEY (Brooke) Editor.
Siberch Celebrations 1521-1971.
1971 £11.00
DANON (Robert)
Collection Robert Danon. Manuscrits Enluminés et Livres Rare.
1973 £15.00
DAVIES (Hugh Wm.) Compiler.
Catalogue of a Collection of Early German Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray.
1918 £65.00
DAVIES (Hugh Wm.) Compiler.
Catalogue of a Collection of Early German Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray.
1962 £30.00
DEACON (Richard)
A Biography of William Caxton. The First English Editor, Printer, Merchant and Translator.
1976 £45.00
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognall)
A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany.
1829 £95.00
DOHENY (Estelle)
The Estelle Doheny Collection from The Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California.
1987 £85.00
Oude Drukken uit de Nederlanden. Boeken uit de Collectie Arenberg thans in de Verzameling Lessing J. Rosenwald.
1960 £12.00
ERASMUS (Desiderius)
Epitome Adagiorum ex Novissima D. Erasmi Rot recognitione; per Eberha[rdum] Tappium ad numerum Chiliadum aucta, &,....
1545 £725.00

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