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Author Title Year Price
[POPE (Alexander)]
The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated.
1737 £125.00
[RITSON (Joseph)]
Bibliographia Poetica: A Catalogue of Engleish Poets, of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth, Centurys, with a Short Account of their Works.
1802 £145.00
[STODDART (Lady Isabella Moncrieff Wellwood)]
The Eskdale Herd Boy, A Scottish Tale. For the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. By Mrs. Blackford.
1819 £85.00
[TAIT (John)]
The Cave of Morar, the Man of Sorrows. A Legendary Tale. In two parts.
1784 £175.00
[TAYLOR (Edward)]
Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians.
1774 £95.00
[TENCIN (Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de)]
The Siege of Calais, an Historical Novel. Translated from the French.
1751 £475.00
[THOMPSON (Isaac)]
Poetic Essays, on Nature, Men, and Morals. Essay 1. To Dr. Askew, of Newcastle
1750 £150.00
[WARTON (Thomas) Editor]
The Oxford Sausage; or Select Poetical Pieces, written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford.
1814 £85.00
ABBOTT (Wilbur Cortez)
A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell. A List of Printed Materials Relating to Oliver Cromwell, Together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
1929 £20.00
Advice to a Painter. In a Poem to a Friend.
1681 £975.00
Four Metaphysical Poets. George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell; A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions of their Poetry and Prose (to the End of the 17th Century).
1973 £12.00
BARON (Alexander)
The Wine of Etna.
1950 £10.00
The Minstrel; or, the Progress of Genius: and other Poems.
1819 £19.00
BLUNDEN (William) Editor.
The Poems of William Collins. Edited with an Introductory Study.
1929 £30.00
BRERETON (Frederick) Compiler.
An Anthology of War Poems. Introduction by Edmund Blunden.
1930 £145.00
BROOME (William)
Poems on Several Occasions. By William Broome,
1739 £95.00
Robert Browning: A Bibliography, 1830-1950.
1970 £14.00
Bibliographical Catalogue of First Editions, Proof Copies and Manuscripts of Books by Lord Byron. Exhibited at the Fourth Exhibition Held by the First Edition Club, January 1925.
1925 £26.00
CAHILL (Patrick) Compiler.
The English First Editions of Hilaire Belloc. A Chronological Catalogue of 153 Works Attributed to that Author...
1953 £19.00
CASE (Arthur E.)
A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies 1521-1750.
1935 £45.00
CASE (Arthur E.)
A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies 1521-1750.
1935 £20.00
CHAPMAN (John Alexander)
Lyrical Poems.
1927 £48.00
CHAUCER (Geoffrey)
The workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed with dyuers workes whiche were neuer in print before: As in the table more playnly dothe appere. Cum priuilegio. [Edited by William Thynne].
1551 £9750.00
The Christian Wreath of Prose, Poetry, and Art.
1855 £45.00
Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs. Thrale).
1952 £12.00

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