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[AIKIN (John) & BARBAULD (Anna Laetitia, Aikin)]
Evenings at Home; or, the Juvenile Budget Opened. Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces, for the Intruction and Amusement of Young Persons.
1794 £295.00
[BERQUIN (Arnaud)]
The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightul Little Stories and Interesting Tales Chiefly Translated from That Much Admired Work L'Ami Des Enfans. With seventy-four cuts, designed and engraved on wood, by I. Bewick.
1817 £45.00
[BUDDEN (Maria Elizabeth)]
A Key to Knowledge; or, Things in Common Use. Simply and shortly explained in a series of dialogues. Written by a mother.
1817 £75.00
[BUDDEN (Maria Elizabeth)]
True Stories from Ancient History chronologically arranged, from the Creation of the World to the Death of Charlemagne. By the Author of "Always Happy," &c.
1819 £145.00
[CLAYTON (John)]
Friendly Advice to my Poor Neighbours; in a Series of Cottage Tales and Dialogues. By a Member of the Church of England.
1829 £50.00
[DORSET (Catherine Ann Turner)]
The Peacock "At Home." By a Lady. And Butterfly's Ball; an Original Poem. By Mr. Roscoe.
1831 £85.00
[DORSET (Catherine Ann)]
The Peacock "At Home," by a Lady. To which is added the Butterfly's Ball; an Original Poem by Mr. [William] Roscoe.
1822 £175.00
[GOUGH (John)]
A Collection of Narrative Pieces from Ancient and Modern History. With a Short Introduction to Geography. For the Use of the Lower Classes of English Scholars in the School at Prospect Hill.
1790 £475.00
The Amusing Instructor, or, Tales and fables in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth: with useful and pleasing remarks on different branches of science... adorned with cuts.
1777 £375.00
[NEWBERY (John)]
Grammar made familiar and easy to Young Gentlemen, Ladies, and Foreigners, Being the First Volume of the Circle of Sciences, &c.
1769 £245.00
[PILKINGTON (Mrs. Mary)]
Tales of the Hermitage; Written for the Instruction and Amusement of the Rising Generation.
1811 £50.00
[STODDART (Lady Isabella Moncrieff Wellwood)]
The Eskdale Herd Boy, A Scottish Tale. For the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. By Mrs. Blackford.
1819 £85.00
[TRUSLER (John), BEWICK (Thomas)]
The Progress of Man and Society. Illustrated by upwards of One Hundred and Twenty Cuts. Opening the eyes, and unfolding the mind of youth gradually. By the Rev. Dr. Trusler, Author of Hogarth Moralized, Proverbs Exemplified, &c. &c.
1791 £195.00
[TYTLER (Ann Fraser)]
Mary and Florence; or, Grave and Gay. By A. F. T.
1835 £95.00
Les Petits Peureux Corrigés; ouvrage destiné à prémunir les enfans contre toute idée d'apparitions, de revenans, de fantômes, etc.
1818 £75.00
L'Esprit des Enfans, ou Naivetés, Saillies Piquantes, Réparties Ingénieuses, Espiégleries, Traits de Bonté, de Courage, etc., d'Enfans que la plupart sont devenus des Hommes Célèbres; Recueillis par A. Antoine, Auteur des Animaux célèbres. &c.
1813 £110.00
Unanimity and Charity, the Characters of Christians. A sermon preached in the parish-church of St. Sepulchre, June 16th, 1709. Being Thursday in Whitsun-Week, at the anniversary meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools, in and about the cities of London and Westminster. Publish'd at the Request of several Gentlemen concern'd in that Charity. By Samuel Bradford, D. D. Rector of St. Mary le Bow, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.
1709 £20.00
BUDD (Kenneth)
The Last Victorian; R. D. Blackmore and his novels.
1960 £12.00
Charles et Charlotte; ou Premiere Education de l'Enfance.
1807 £75.00
The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 1566-1910. A Catalogue. Prepared by Judith St. John, with an Introduction by Edgar Osborne.
1966 £25.00
The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 1566-1910. A Catalogue. Prepared by Judith St. John, with an Introduction by Edgar Osborne.
1966 £50.00
COURTEN (Lady Catherine)
The Story of Lady Courten, of Mr. John Mortimer, and Matthias Dolanscius, Who Was Saved from Starving by a Little Bird Which Brought a Piece of Gold to the Window of His Prison.
1812 £20.00
DYMOND (Henry)
Instructive Narratives for Young Persons, Members of the Society of Friends.
1825 £95.00
FLORIAN (Jean Pierre Claris de)
Memoirs of William Tell, the Hero of Switzerland. An Interesting Tale. A Free Translation from the French of M. de Florian. To which is added a Biographical Sketch of the Author.
1820 £45.00
FOA (Eugénie) pseud. [i.e. Eugénie Rebecca Gradis]
Les Petits Musiciens.
1840 £32.00