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[BULLOCH (John Malcolm)]
Soldiering and Sailoring in the North-East of Scotland: A Bibliography. [Off-print from 'Aberdeen University Library Bulletin, No. XIV].
1916 £21.00
[CHESTERFIELD (Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of)]
A vindication of a late pamphlet, intitled, The case of the Hanover troops considered: with some further observations upon those troops; being a sequel to the said pamphlet.
1743 £35.00
[COLLYER (James N.) & INNES (John)]
An Historical Record of the Light Horse Volunteers of London and Westminster; with the Muster Rolls from the First Formation of the Regiment, MDCCLXXIX, to the Relodgement of the Standards in the Tower, MDCCCXXIX.
1843 £75.00
[CONWAY ( Henry Seymour)]
The Military Arguments, in the Letter to a Right Honourable Author, Fully Considered, by an Officer.
1758 £45.00
[CONWAY ( Henry Seymour)]
The Officer's Answer to the Country Gentleman's Reply.
1758 £65.00
[CONWAY (Henry Seymour), General]
The Military Arguments, in the Letter to a Right Honourable Author, fully considered.
1758 £65.00
[CROCKER (John Wilson)]
The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
1809 £295.00
[CROCKER (John Wilson)]
The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
1809 £110.00
[DOUGLAS (John)]
The Conduct of a Noble Lord Scrutinized. By a volunteer who was near his Person from the 28th of July, to the 2d of August, 1759.
1759 £45.00
[DUPIN (Baron Pierre Charles François)]
Voyages dans la Grande-Bretagne, Entrepris Relativement aux Services Publics de la Guerre, de la Marine, et des Ponts et Chaussées, en 1816, 1817, 1818 et 1819.
1820 £1100.00
[FAWCETT (Sir William)]
Instructions and Regulations for the Formations and Movements of the Cavalry.
1797 £245.00
[FOX (Henry, 1st Baron Holland)]
Candid Reflections on the Report (as Published by Authority) of the General-Officers, appointed by his Majesty's Warrant of the First of November last, to enquire into the causes of the failure of the late expedition to the coasts of France. In a letter to a friend in the country.
1758 £85.00
Secret Strategical Instructions, of Frederic the Second, for his Inspectors General. Translated from the German, by Captain C. H. Smith.
1811 £645.00
[GALLOWAY (Honorary Colonel Thomas L.)]
The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry 1848 to 1948.
1948 £75.00
The Annals of the Twelfth East Suffolk Regiment. By C. H. G.
1908 £40.00
[HARDWICKE (Philip Yorke, Earl of)]
Two Speeches of a Late Lord Chancellor. Printed from an Authentic Copy.
1770 £75.00
[MAUDUIT (Israel)]
Considerations on the Present German War.
1761 £30.00
[O'BRYEN (Denis)]
Remarks upon the Report of a Peace, in consequence of Mr. Secretary Townshend's Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, Bank Diectors, &c. By the Author of the Defence of the Earl of Shelburne.
1783 £45.00
[POTTER (Thomas)]
The Expedition Against Rochefort Fully Stated and Considered. In a Letter to the Right Honourable the Author of the Candid Reflections on the Report of the General Officers &c.
1758 £110.00
[POTTER (Thomas)]
The Reply of the Country Gentleman to the Answer of his Military Arguments, By the Officer.
1758 £30.00
[POTTER (Thomas)]
The Reply of the Country Gentleman to the Answer of his Military Arguments, by the Officer.
1758 £45.00
[RENNELL (James)]
War with France. The only Security of Britain, at the Present Momentous Crisis: Set forth in an earnest address to his fellow-subjects, by an old Englishman.
1794 £75.00
[RUFFHEAD (Owen)] Sometimes attributed to.
Farther animadversions on the conduct of a late noble commander, at the battle of Thonhausen. In reply to a pamphlet, intitled, An answer to a letter to a late noble commander, &c. To which is annexed an answer to a pamphlet, intitled, "colonel Fitzroy's letter considered, so far as it relates to the Author of the Letters," &c. By the author of the two letters to a late noble commander.
1759 £65.00
[SACKVILLE (Charles), Duke of Dorset]
A Treatise concerning the Militia, in Four Sections. 1. Of the Militia in General. 11. Of the Roman Militia. 111. The Proper Plan of a Militia, for this Country. 1V. Observations upon this Plan. By C. S.
1752 £125.00
[SACKVILLE (Lord George)]
The Conduct of a Late Noble Commander, candidly considered. With a view to expose the Misrepresentations of the Anonymous Author of the Two Letters Addressed to His L-p; To place the Controversy on a Foundation supported by Facts; to state the Difficulties, which obstruct a public Inquiry; and to propose a Method of removing Them.
1760 £50.00