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A Cabinet of Quadrupeds; consisting of Highly-Finished engravings, by James Tookey; from Drawings, by Julius Ibbetson; with Historical and Scientific Descriptions. By John Church, Fellow of the Medical Society of London.
1805 £595.00
CLARKE (Benjamin)
A New Arrangement of Phanerogamous Plants, with Especial Reference to Relative Position, Including their Relations with the Cryptogamous.
1861 £175.00
CULPEPPER (Nicholas)
The English Physician enlarged: with Three Hundred, Sixty Nine Medicines, made of English Herbs that were not in any Impression until This. Being an Astrologo-Physical Discourse of the Vulgar Herbs of this Nation; containing a compleat Method of Physick, whereby a man may preserve his Body in Health; or Cure himself, being sick, for Three-Pence Charge, with such things only as grow in England, they being most fit for English Bodies. Herein is also shewed these Seven Things, viz. 1. The Way of making, Plaisters, Ointments, Oils, Pultisses, Syrups, Decoctions, ....... 2. What Planet governeth every Herb or Tree (used in Physick) that groweth in England. 3. The Time of gathering all Herbs, both Vulgarly and Astrologically. 4. The Way of keeping their Juice ready for use at all times. 5. The Way of Making and Keeping all Kinds of useful Compounds made of Herbs. 6.The Way of Drying and Keeping the Herbs all the year. 7.. The Way of mixing Medicines according to Cause and Mixture of the Disease, and Part of the Body Afflicted.
1733 £225.00
List of British Vascular Plants. Prepared by J. E. Dandy for the British Museum (Natural History) and the Botanical Society of the British Isles.
1958 £35.00
A Flora of Ulster and Botanist's Guide to the North of Ireland.
1864 £95.00
DUNN (Stephen Troyte)
Alien Flora of Britain.
1905 £12.00
Catalogue Raisonné of 18th and Early 19th Century Flower and Fruit Books and Prints.
1970 £65.00
A Flora of Cambridgeshire. With an Appendix on the Origin and Drainage of the Fens.
1939 £10.00
EWART (Joseph)
Poisonous Snakes and their Poisons. A Paper Read before the Brighton and Sussex Natural History Society, on November 8th, 1883.
1883 £38.00
British Mosses in the English Lake District. [a collection of 7 different issues].
1860 £1600.00
FORBES (Edward)
A History of British Starfishes, and other Animals of the Class Echinodermata.
1861 £45.00
FORSTER (Thomas)
Researches about Atmospheric Phaenomena.
1813 £110.00
The Works of Charles Darwin: An Annotated Bibliographical Handlist.
1977 £25.00
FRIDAY (Laurie) Editor.
Wicken Fen: The Making of a Wetland Nature Reserve.
1997 £15.00
FURBER (Robert) [Sometimes attributed to Richard Bradley]
The Flower-Garden Display'd, in above Four Hundred Curious Representations of the most Beautiful Flowers; Regularly dispos'd in the respective Months of their Blossom, Curiously Engrav'd on Copper-Plates from the Designs of Mr. Furber, and Others, and Coloured to the Life. With the Description and History of each Plant, and the Method of their Culture; whether in Stoves, Green-Houses, Hot Beds, Glass-Cases, Open Borders, or against Walls. Very Useful, Not only for the Curious in Gardening, but the Prints likewise for Painters, Carvers, Japaners, &c. also for the Ladies, as Patterns for Working, and Painting in Water-Colours, or Furniture for the Closet. The second edition. To which is added, A flower-garden for gentlemen and ladies; The Art of raising Flowers without any Trouble, to blow in full Perfection in the Depth of Winter, in a Bed-Chamber, Closet, or Dinning-Room. also, the method of raising salleting, Cucumbers, Melons, &c. at any Time in the Year. as it is now practised by Sir Thomas More, Bart.
1734 £1695.00
GALPIN (Rev. F. W.)
An Account of the Flowering Plants, Ferns and Allies of Harleston. With a Sketch of the Geology, Climate, and Natural Characteristics of the Neighbourhood. To Which are added Observations on the Birds of the District by Charles Candler.
1888 £38.00
GARNER (Robert)
The Natural History of the County of Stafford; comprising its Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteorology: also its Antiquities, Topography, Manufactures, etc. [with] Supplement to the Natural History of the County of Stafford; ....
1844 £95.00
GOURLAY (William)
Observations on the Natural History, Climate, and Diseases of Madeira, During a Period of Eighteen Years.
1811 £295.00
GREEN (C. Theodore)
The Flora of the Liverpool District. Illustrated by Drawings and Photographs.
1902 £30.00
HAMILTON (William)
Letters Concerning the Northern Coast of the County of Antrim. Containing a natural history of its Basaltes: with an account of such circumstances as are worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners and customs of that country. The whole illustrated by an accurate map of the coast, roads, mountains, &c. In these letters is stated a plain and impartial View of the Volcanic Theory of the Basaltes.
1786 £425.00
HARDING (Joan P.) & Others.
British Bee Books: A Bibliography 1500-1976.
1979 £15.00
HENSLOW (Rev. J. S.) & SKEPPER (Edmund)
Flora of Suffolk: A Catalogue of the Plants (Indigenous or Naturalized) Found in a Wild State in the County of Suffolk.
1860 £45.00
HIBBERD (Shirley)
New and Rare Beautiful-Leaved Plants; containing illustrations and descriptions of the most ornamental-foliaged plants not hitherto noticed in and work on the subject.
1870 £245.00
JOHNSTON (Stanley H.) Compiler.
The Cleveland Herbal, Botanical, and Horticultural Collections. A Descriptive Bibliography of Pre-1830 Works from the Libraries of the Holden Arboretum, the Cleveland Medical Library Association, and the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland.
1992 £50.00
[Extracts] Kelp.
1800 £75.00

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