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Author Title Year Price
Account of the Statue of King Charles II. Formerly on Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, with the Pasquinade, on its removal to the Exchange, and the Reply.
1826 £38.00
[SWIFT (Jonathan)]
On Poetry: A Rapsody.
1733 £745.00
[TAIT (John)]
The Cave of Morar, the Man of Sorrows. A Legendary Tale. In two parts.
1784 £175.00
[THOMPSON (Isaac)]
Poetic Essays, on Nature, Men, and Morals. Essay 1. To Dr. Askew, of Newcastle
1750 £150.00
[WESLEY (John and Charles)]
Graces. Before Meat.
1770 £65.00
[WILSON (Thomas)]
Stanzas on the intended new line of road, from Potticar lane to Leyburn hole; With an account of the Memorable Events which have Occurred on Gateshead fell; And additional notes by the Publisher.
1825 £45.00
Advice to a Painter. In a Poem to a Friend.
1681 £975.00
Four Metaphysical Poets. George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell; A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions of their Poetry and Prose (to the End of the 17th Century).
1973 £12.00
BLEWITT (Reginald James)
The Court of Chancery: A Satirical Poem.
1827 £95.00
BLUNDEN (William) Editor.
The Poems of William Collins. Edited with an Introductory Study.
1929 £30.00
BOWLES (William Lisle)
The Grave of Howard. A Poem.
1790 £245.00
BOWLES (William Lisle)
Verses to John Howard, F.R.S. on his State of Prisons and Lazarettos.
1789 £245.00
BRERETON (Frederick) Compiler.
An Anthology of War Poems. Introduction by Edmund Blunden.
1930 £145.00
BROOME (William)
Poems on Several Occasions. By William Broome,
1739 £95.00
BROWNE (Isaac Hawkins)
A Pipe of Tobacco. In Imitation of Six several Authors.
1744 £75.00
BROWNE (Thomas)
Poems on Several Occasions.
1800 £175.00
BROWNING (Elizabeth Barrett)
The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets.
1863 £75.00
BUTLER (Samuel)
Hudibras, A Poem... with Notes, selected from Grey and other Authors. To which are prefixed, a Life of the Author, and a preliminary Discourse on the Civil War. A New Edition, embellished with Engravings.
1819 £275.00
CASE (Arthur E.)
A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies 1521-1750.
1935 £45.00
CASE (Arthur E.)
A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies 1521-1750.
1935 £18.00
CASE (Arthur E.)
A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies 1521-1750.
1935 £20.00
CHAPMAN (John Alexander)
Lyrical Poems.
1927 £48.00
COLLINS (Mortimer)
Idyls and Rhymes.
1845 £150.00
CROFT (P.J.) Editor.
Autograph Poetry in the English Language. Facsimiles of Original Manuscripts from the Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century.
1973 £30.00
CRUDEN (William)
Nature Spiritualised, in a Variety of Poems. Containing Pious and Practical Observations on the Works of Nature, and the Ordinary Occurrences in Life.
1766 £145.00

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