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A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius and back; touching at the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. By the Author of "Paddiana;" "A Hot-Water Cure," etc.
1851 £325.00
The Travels and Adventures of Edward Brown, Esq; Formerly a Merchant of London. Containing His Observations on France and Italy; His Voyage to the Levant; His Account of the Isle of Malta; His Remarks in His Journies thro' the Lower and Upper Egypt; together with a brief Description of the Abyssinian Empire. Interspersed throughout with several curious Historical Passages relating to our own as well as Foreign Nations; as also with Critical Disquisitions as to the present State of Sciences in Egypt, particularly Physic and Chemistry.
1739 £375.00
[Caroline, Queen Consort of George IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland]
Journal of an English Traveller or Memoirs and Anecdotes of an Illustrious Personage: and of Her Court, Correspondence with the Earl of Liverpool, Mr. Whitbread, &c.
1820 £25.00
[CLERKE (Charles)]
A Voyage Round the World, In His Majesty's Ship The Dolphin, Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron. In which is Contained, a faithful Account of the several Places, People, Plants, Animals, etc. seen on the Voyage: And among other Particulars, A minute and exact Description of the Streights of Magellan, and of the Gigantic People called Patagonians. Together with an accurate Account of Seven Islands lately discovered in the South Seas. By an Officer on Board the said Ship. Printed for J. Newbery and F. Newbery, 1767. Second edition, [4],186pp., without the final advert leaf, engraved frontispiece and a further 2 engraved plates, frontis., and title-page becoming loose, pencil ownership signature to title "Colonel [George Abbas Kooli] D'Arcy of the Falkland Islands". [Bound with:] [BYRON (John)] The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron (Commodore in a Late Expedition round the World) Containing An Account of the Great Distresses Suffered by Himself and His Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, From the Year 1740, till their Arrival in England, 1746. With a Description of St. Jago d Chili, and the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants. Also a Relation of the Loss of the Wager man of War, One of Admiral Anson's Squadron. Written by Himself, and now First Published.
1768 £1145.00
[KNIGHT (Henry Gally)]
Ilderim: A Syrian Tale. In Four Cantos.
1816 £75.00
[LEDIARD (Thomas)] Editor.
The German Spy: or, Familiar Letters from a Gentleman on his Travels thro' Germany, to his Friend in England. Containing an Exact and Entertaining Description of the principal Cities, and Towns... an Account of the Customs and Manners of the people, remarks on their language, interests and policies... interspersed with the Secret History and Characters of the several Princes and Princesses, and other the most considerable personages in the Empire of Germany.
1740 £180.00
Notes of a Trip to Belgium, in 1866, by a Bridgnorth Volunteer. Printed for Private Circulation.
1867 £25.00
A Cruise; or, Three Months on the Continent. By a Naval Officer.
1818 £245.00
A New Voyage to the East-Indies in the Years 1690 and 1691. Being a full description of the isles of Maldives, Cocos, Andamants, and the Isle of Ascention; and all the forts and garrisons now in possession of the French, with an account of the customs, manners, and habit of the Indians. By Monsieur Duquesne. To which is added, a new description of the Canary Islands, Cape Verd, Senegal and Gambia, &c. Illustrated with sculptures, together with a new map of the Indies, and another of the Canaries. Done into English from the Paris edition.
1696 £1650.00
[PUSELEY (Daniel)]
The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. In which will be found a colonial directory; increase and habits of population; tables of revenue and expenditure. gathered from authentic sources, official documents, and personal observation in each of the colonies, cities and provinces enumerated. By an Englishman. (5th thousand.)
1857 £50.00
Three Years in the Pacific; containing notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, &c. in 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834. By an Officer in the United States' Navy.
1835 £275.00
[SAINTE-MARIE, Count at Dhow]
Algeria in 1845. A Visit to the French Possessions in Africa. [Translated by Thomasina Ross].
1846 £75.00
[SCOTT )Michael)]
The Cruise of the Midge. By the Author of "Tom Cringle's Log."
1846 £35.00
[VIVIAN (John Henry)]
Extracts of notes taken in the course of a Tour on the continent of Europe, in the years 1814 and 1815, principally relating to a visit to the island of Elba and a conversation held with Napoleon Bonaparte, during his residence there.
1822 £295.00
[WILSON (Sir Robert Thomas)]
Narrative of the British Expedition to Egypt. Carefully abridged from the History of that Campaign, by Sir Robert Thomas Wilson. With a Preliminary View of the Proceedings of the French, Previous to the Arrival of the British Forces. In which the Massacre of the Garrison of Jaffa, The poisoning the sick and wounded in the French Hospital, and the principles and conduct of Buonaparte, are further illustrated.
1803 £75.00
A. (G.)
The Young Travellers in South America: or, a Popular Introduction to the History and Resources of that interesting and important region.
1835 £35.00
ANDREWS (Kenneth R.)
English Privateering Voyages to the West Indies 1588-1595. Documents relating to English voyages to the West Indies, from the defeat of the Armada to the last voyage of Sir Francis Drake, including Spanish documents contributed by Irene A. Wright.
1959 £35.00
ARASARATNAM (Sinnappah) Editor.
Francois Valentijn's Description of Ceylon.
1978 £15.00
The History of the Island of Minorca. Illustrated with a Correct Map of the Island.
1756 £595.00
ATABEY (Sefik E.)
The Ottoman World: The Library of Sefik E. Atabey with a Supplement.
2002 £110.00
AULNOY (Maie Catherine de la Mothe)
Relation du Voyage d'Espagne.
1692 £95.00
BACKHOUSE (James) and TAYLOR (Charles)
The Life and Labours of George Washington Walker, of Hobart Town, Tasmania.
1862 £95.00
Southern Italy and Sicily with excursions to Malta, Sardinia, Tunis, and Corfu. Handbook for Travellers.
1908 £25.00
BAIN (J. Arthur)
Life and Explorations of Fridtjof Nansen.
1897 £35.00
BANKES (Thomas), BLAKE (Edward Warren) & COOK
By the King's royal license and authority. A new royal authentic and complete system of universal geography antient and modern: Including all the late important discoveries made by the English, and other celebrated navigators of various nations, in the different hemispheres, and containing a complete genuine history and description of the whole world,... throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America...
1790 £195.00