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ASTLEY (Philip)
Astley's System of Equestrian Education, Exhibiting the Beauties and Defects of the Horse; with Serious and Important Observations on his General Excellence, Preserving him in Heath, Grooming, &c.
1802 £345.00
Pharmacopoeia Hippiatrica: or, the gentleman farrier's repository, of elegant and approved remedies for the diseases of horses; in two books. Containing, I. The surgical; II. The medical part of practical farriery; Also, Directions for the proper Treatment of Post Chaise and other Horses, after violent Exercise. With suitable Remarks on the Whole To which are now added; observations on broken winded horses, endearing to prove the Seat of that Malady not to be the Lungs. The second edition; by J. Bartlet, Surgeon; Author of the Gentleman's Farriery.
1766 £145.00
CARDINI (François)
Dictionnaire d'Hippiatrique et d'Équitation, Ouvrage où Se Trouvent Réunies Toutes Les Connaissances Hippiques.
1848 £375.00
FRANKLAND [later FRANKLAND RUSSELL] (Sir Robert, 7th baronet)
Six Sketches in Lithography, Representing the Common Actions of the Horse.
1842 £875.00
FRY (Joseph Storrs)
An Essay on the Construction of Wheel-Carriages, as they affect both the Roads and the Horses; with Suggestions relating to the principles on which Tolls ought to be imposed, and a few remarks on the Formation of Roads.
1820 £625.00
GILBY (Sir Walter)
Racing Cups 1559 to 1850. Course Cups.
1910 £25.00
HUNTER (James)
A Complete Dictionary of Farriery & Horsemanship, containing the art of farriery in all its branches, with an explanation of the terms, and a description of the various particulars relating to the manage, and to the knowledge of horses. The whole compiled from the best Authors.
1796 £275.00
The Art of Riding; or, Horsemanship made Easy: Exemplified by Rules Drawn from Nature and Experience.
1765 £445.00
JEANSON (Marcel)
Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson. Premiere Partie: Chasse.
1987 £18.00
JEANSON (Marcel)
Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson. Premiere Partie: Chasse. [With:] Deuxieme Partie: Ornithologie.
1987 £45.00
LAWRENCE (Richard)
An Inquiry into the Structure & Animal Oeconomy of the Horse, Comprehending the Diseases To which his Limbs and Feet Are subject, with Proper Directions for Shoeing; and Pointing out a Method for Ascertaining his age until his Twelfth Year.
1801 £375.00
PEMBROKE (Henry Herbert, Earl of)
A Method of Breaking Horses, and Teaching Soldiers to Ride, Designed for the Use of the Army.
1762 £325.00
Some Episodes in the Zetland Hunt Point-to-Point Steeple Chase.
1890 £125.00
ROSEBERY (Rt. Honble. the Earl of)
Catalogue of the Well-Known and Very Valuable Library Formed at the Durdans, Epsom...
1933 £25.00
Turfbuch für 1906 [Parts I & II].
1906 £35.00
SULLY (Henry)
Observations on, and Plain Directions for, All Classes of People, to Prevent the Fatal Effects of the Bites of Animals Labouring under Hydrophobia.
1828 £165.00
THOMPSON (Charles)
Rules for Bad Horsemen. Addressed to the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c.
1762 £275.00
Moseman's Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods, Novelties and Stable Appointments, Imported and Domestic. For the Wholesale and Retail Trade. Warerooms: 126 & 128 Chambers Street, New York.
1890 £425.00
WOOD (John)
A New Compendious Treatise of Farriery. Wherein are set forth in a plain, familiar, and natural manner the disorders incident to horses, and their respective cures: Together With some Interesting Observations on Bleeding, Purging, Exercise, &c. By John Wood, Late Groom to the King of Sardinia, and at present Groom to the Right Hon. the Earl of Rochford.
1757 £445.00