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PARKER (Thomas N.)
An Essay of the Construction, Hanging, and Fastening of Gates; Exemplified in Six Quarto Plates.
1804 £275.00
PARSEY (Arthur)
The Art of Miniature Painting on Ivory.
1831 £150.00
Crosby's Builder's New Price Book for 1806. Containing a Correct Account of all the Prices, Allowed by the most Eminent Surveyors...
1806 £375.00
RAWLINS (Thomas)
Familiar Architecture: Consisting of Original Designs of Houses for Gentlemen and Tradesmen, Parsonages and Summer-Retreats; With Back-Fronts, Sections, Etc., Together with Banqueting-Rooms, Churches, and Chimney-Pieces, To which is Added, The Masonry of the Semicircular and Elliptical Arches, with Practical Remarks.
1768 £1445.00
Monthly Catalogue of Antiques, Curios, etc., on Sale by S. Richards, Friar Lane, Nottingham.
1901 £295.00
The Cabinet-Maker's Guide; or, rules and instructions in the art of varnishing, dying, staining, japanning, polishing, lackering, and beautifying wood, ivory, tortoiseshell & metal: with observations on their management and application. Including an appendix, containing several valuable tables.
1830 £345.00
Original bookbinder's sample, "Specimens of Bookbinding", representing the choice on offer to prospective customers, including calf and buckram bindings, morocco title labels in contrasting colours, raised bands, gilt tooling and lettering.
1890 £750.00
Bookcloth 1823-1980.
1996 £50.00
The Key to Success and Strictly Business.
1899 £545.00
Illustrated Pattern-Book of Sterling Silver and Electro-Plated Goods, Watches, Clocks, Bronzes and Optical Goods, Mechanical Figures, Musical Boxes, Pianos, Harmoniums, Organs, and Musical Instruments, Lamps and Chandeliers, Table Glass, Coloured Glass Ware, China and Earthenware, Art Pottery Goods, Dinner, Dessert, Tea and Breakfast Services, Chamber and Sanitary Ware, General Ironmongery, Cutlery, Tools, Household and Labour-Saving Machinery, Agricultural Implements, Heating and Cooking Stoves and Fire-Places, Guns and Pistols, Carriages, Carts, Waggons, Saddlery, Stable Fittings, Whips, Sticks, and Umbrellas, Leather Goods, Travelling Requisites, Albums, Japanese Goods, in and Out-Door Games and Toys, Bicycles, Tricycles, Etc. Section II.
1880 £750.00
TWOPENY (William)
Etchings of Ancient Capitals, &c. From Drawings by William Twopeny, Esq.
1837 £125.00
TWOPENY (William)
Specimens of Ancient Wood-Work. Etched from Drawings by William Twopeny.
1859 £245.00
WATTS (Miss)
Selections of Knitting, Netting, & Crochet Work. "Taken chiefly from the 1st and 2nd Series of "The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book.""
1843 £48.00
WEIMANN (Ingrid) & SĂ–NMEZ (Nedim)
Christopher Weimann (1946-1988): A Tribute. With over 90 illustrations, 38 in color and 12 original samples made by Christopher Weimann.
1991 £265.00
WHITELEY (William)
William Whiteley's Illustrated Furnishing Catalogue & Price List. Comprising all Articles Necessary for Furnishing, Fitting and Decorating Residences of Every Class.
1888 £395.00
WILLIAMS (Robert Folkestone)
An historical sketch of the art of sculpture in wood, from the earliest period to the present time : with notices of the most remarkable sculptural works in the same material now remaining in Europe, and some account of their designers.
1935 £33.00