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GLYNN (Joseph)
A Report on the Drainage of Levens, Underbarrow, and Helsington.
1838 £25.00
GRAY (Andrew)
The Experienced Millwright; or, a treatise on the construction of some of the most useful machines, with the latest improvements. To which is prefixed, a short account of the general principles of mechanics, and of the mechanical powers. Illustrated with forty-four engravings.
1806 £895.00
A Guide for Sinners to Repent; being a very strange Relation of two Old Men, who were found living under Ground, in Resington [i.e. Rossington] Wood, near the Town of Doncaster, in Yorkshire, on the 10th of the last Month.
1799 £195.00
HAUKSBEE (Francis)
A Course of Mechanical, Optical, Hydrostatical, and Pneumatical Experiments perform'd by Francis Hauksbee; and the explanatory lectures read by William Whiston, M.A.
1715 £625.00
HEBERT (L[uke]) Editor.
The Register of Arts, and Journal of Patent Inventions. New Series: Volume First [-Sixth].
1828 £275.00
HOLLIDAY (Francis)
An easy Introduction to Practical Gunnery, or, the Art of Engineering. Containing, I. Decimal Arithmetic, Extraction of Roots. II. Mensuration of Planes and Solids, and the Computation of the Strength of Timber Joists, &c. III. The Computation of Balls and Shells. IV. The necessary Theorems in Geometry, demonstrated in a very plain and easy Way. V. The Nature and Use of Logarithms. VI. Plane Trigonometry in all its Cases; with the Method of taking Heights and Distances, and a one Station. VII. Gunnery, where the Cases are solved by Addition and Subtraction only, with numeral Examples, the Rules in Words at length, for those who are unacquainted with the Elements of the higher Geometry. VIII. The Theory of Projectiles. IX. Tables of Experiments of Cannons and Mortars, with some Observations. X. The Solution of a difficult Problem to find the Velocity of a Bullet, shot from any Piece of Artillery. XI. The necessary Tables of Gunnery. Illustrated with Copper Plates. By F. Holliday, Master of the Free Grammar School at Haughton Park, near Retford, Nottinghamshire.
1756 £425.00
An Act for enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation to complete the same; and for altering and enlarging the Powers of the several Acts passed for making the said Canal.
1805 £60.00
Mechanick Dialling: or, the New Art of Shadows: freed from many Obscurities, Superfluities and Errors of Former Writers upon this Subject, The whole laid down after so plain a Method that any Person (tho' a Stranger to the Art) with a Pair of Compasses and Common Ruler only, may make a Dial upon any Plane for any Place in the World, as well as those who have attained to the greatest Knowledge and Perfection in Mathematicks. Illustrated with many Copper Plates, and examples of Dials for London, Exeter, Bristol, Worcester, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich, Lincoln, Chester, Liverpool, York, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, Edinburgh, Dublin, &c. To which are added, 1. A Choice of Mottos in Latin and English. 2. A New and Correct Alphabetical Table of the most eminent Cities, Towns, in the whole World; shewing the Elevation of the Pole, and the Difference of their Meridian from London. 3. The bart and most approved Methods of Painting Sun Dials.
1737 £295.00
LEWIS (C.T. Courtney)
The Story of Picture Printing in England During the Nineteenth Century or Forty Years of Wood and Stone.
1928 £50.00
The London Mechanics' Register. Vol. I, no. 1, November 1824 - no. 27, April 1825; Vol. II, no. 29, May 1825 - no. 55, October 1825.
1824 £85.00
LOZZI (Carlo)
Delle Origini della Stampa.
1881 £20.00
A Treatise of the Motion of Water, and other fluids: with the origin of Fountains or Springs, and the Cause of Winds Written originally in French ..... and translated into English, with several annotations for explaining the doubtful places, by J. T. Desaguliers.
1718 £675.00
MIDDLETON (Rev. Erasmus)
The New Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; or, an universal system of useful knowledge. Containing A full Explanation of every Art and Science, whether liberal or mechanical, in which the Difficulties attending a thorough Knowledge of them are clearly pointed out, and such Directions given as cannot fail of making their Acquisition easy and familiar to every Capacity Exhibiting, among the various other Branches of Literature, a copious Elucidation of the following, viz. Agriculture, Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Arithmetick, Astronomy, Book-Keeping, Botany, Carving, Catoptricks, Chemistry, Chronology, Commerce, Conicks, Cosmography, Dialing, Dioptricks, Ethicks, Farriery, Fluxions, Fortification, Gardening, Guaging, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, Gunnery, Handicrafts, Heraldry, History, Horsemanship, Husbandry, Hydraulicks, Hydrography, Hydrostaticks, Law, Levelling, Logick, Maritime and Military Affairs, Mathematicks, Mechanicks, Medicine, Merchandize, Metaphysicks, Meteorology, Musick, Navigation, Opticks, Oratory, Painting, Perspective, Pharmacy, Philology, Philosophy, Physick, Pneumaticks, Rhetorick, Sculpture, Series and Staticks, Statuary, Surgery, Surveying, Theology, Trigonometry, &c. The Whole upon an improved Plan, the Marrow and Quintessence of every other Dictionary and Work of the Kind being preserved, and their Superfluities and Obscurities entirely omitted.
1778 £345.00
An Epitome of the Elementary Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Part the First [all published]. Comprehending the general Properties of Matter, Mechanics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics. And a copious Account of the Invention, Progress, and Present State of the Steam Engine; being the substance of a Course of Lectures on these subjects, delivered at the Royal and London Institutes, and at Guy's Hospital, Southwark.
1823 £310.00
OBERLIN (Jacques)
Essai d'Annales de la Vie de Jean Gutenberg, Inventeur de la Typographie.
1801 £65.00
Orme (Edward)
An Essay on Transparent Prints, and on Transparencies in General.
1807 £2975.00
PAGE (Edward)
Holderness Drainage. The Report of Mr. Edward Page, upon the Better Drainage of the Lands within the Level of the Holderness Drainage. 3rd May 1831.
1831 £145.00
PARKER (Thomas N.)
An Essay of the Construction, Hanging, and Fastening of Gates; Exemplified in Six Quarto Plates.
1804 £275.00
PORTER (Charles T.)
A Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine Indicator, (Manufactured by Elliott Bros., London,) and the Development and Application of Force in the Steam-Engine.
1874 £35.00
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Early Railways Prints, Drawings, Books etc. For Sale by Frank T. Sabin.
1954 £14.00
RAWLINS (Thomas)
Familiar Architecture: Consisting of Original Designs of Houses for Gentlemen and Tradesmen, Parsonages and Summer-Retreats; With Back-Fronts, Sections, Etc., Together with Banqueting-Rooms, Churches, and Chimney-Pieces, To which is Added, The Masonry of the Semicircular and Elliptical Arches, with Practical Remarks.
1768 £1445.00
A New Method of Brewing Malt Liquor, in Small Quantities for Domestic use.
1807 £295.00
REES (David Morgan)
Warmsworth Hall. Head Office of the British Ropes Group of Companies. A short history by David Morgan Rees.
1971 £25.00
Register of the Arts and Sciences. Volume the Third. Containing a Correct Account of several Hundred of The most Important and Interesting Inventions, Discoveries, and Processes. Illustrated with upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Engravings.
1826 £45.00
Anno Regni George 111. Regis ..... An Act ..... for repairing the Road from the City of York, to Boroughbridge, in the County of York. Royal Assent, 17th March, 1818.
1818 £48.00

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