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[?WARNER (I.)]
An Address to the University of Oxford, occasioned by a Sermon, intitled, The Divine Institution of the Ministry, and the absolute necessity of Church-Government; preached before that University by the Reverend Mr. Joseph Betty, on the 21st of September 1729. By I. W. L.
1730 £32.00
[BASSET (Joshua)]
An Essay towards a Proposal for Catholick Communion. Wherein Sixty of the Principal Controverted Points, which have hitherto divided Christendom, being call'd over, 'tis examin'd, how many of them may, and ought to be laid aside, and how few remain to be accommodated, for the effecting a General Peace. By a Minister of the Church of England.
1704 £100.00
[BLACKALL (Offspring)]
The Lord Bishop of Exeter's Answer to Mr. Hoadly's Letter.
1709 £50.00
[BROWNE (Peter)]
The Procedure, Extent, and Limits of Human Understanding.
1729 £245.00
[BURNET (Gilbert)]
An Enquiry into the Reasons for Abrogating the Test imposed on all Members of Parliament. Offered by Sa. Oxon.
1688 £35.00
[CROISET (Jean)]
A Spiritual Retreat for One Day in every Month. Written in French by a Father of the Society of Jesus, and Faithfully Translated for the Common good of the English.
1700 £175.00
[DEFOE (Daniel)]
A Lay-Man's Creed, very short for the Benefit of the Poor Reader.
1713 £50.00
[DUNTON (John)]
The Hazard of a Death-Bed-Repentance, Fairly Argued, from the late Remorse of W---- late D--- of D----- with Serious Reflections on his Adulterous Life ---- On his living so long in a known Sin----- On that Latin Epitaph he order'd to be set on the Tomb-stone of Miss Campion.... Also, the Dying Remonstrance of other Persons of Quality, and in particular, of John Hampton Esq;..... To which is added, Conjugal Perjury, or an Essay upon Whoredom; Address'd to the Husbands of Quality that keep Misses.
1708 £150.00
[GIBSON (Dr. Edmund) Bishop of London.]
The Case of the Methodists Briefly Stated; More particularly in the Point of Field-Preaching.
1744 £695.00
[GIBSON (Edmund)]
The Right of the Archbishop to continue or prorogue the Whole Convocation: Asserted in a Second Letter; by way of Reply to a Pamphlet, Entitled, The Power of the Lower House of Convocation to Adjourn it self, &c. and also to a late Book, Entitled, A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Lower-House, &c. with the Publisher's Preface: as far as they relate to the Point of Continuation.
1701 £100.00
[GORDON (Thomas)]
An Apology for the Danger of the Church. Proving, that the Church is, and ought to be always in Danger; and that it would be dangerous for her to be out of Danger. Being a Second Part of the Apology for Parson Alberoni. By the same Author.
1719 £45.00
[HEYWOOD (Samuel)]
The Right of Protestant Dissenters to a Compleat Toreration asserted; containing an Historical Account of the Test Laws, and shewing the Injustice, Inexpediency, and Folly of the Sacramental Test, as now imposed, with respect to Protestant Dissenters; With an Answer to the Objection from the Act of Union with Scotland. By a Layman.
1789 £60.00
[HILL (Sir Richard)]
The Church of England Vindicated from the Rigid Notions of Calvinism; Or, Some observations on a letter from the author of Pietas Oxoniensis to the Reverend Doctor Adams of Shewsbury. To which is added, a letter to the Reverend Mr. Romaine, in answer to his letter to Dr. Adams.
1770 £75.00
[HORSLEY (Samuel)]
The Following is the Speech Delivered by the Bishop of St. David's, in the House of Lords, May 31, 1791, on the Second Reading of the Bill for the Relief of Papists, or Persons Professing the Popish Religion.
1791 £65.00
[HOWELL (Thomas Bayly)]
Observations on Dr. Sturges's Pamphlet Respecting Non-Residence of the Clergy: in a Letter to Mr. Baron Maseres.
1802 £38.00
[IRELAND (John)]
Nuptiæ Sacræ; or an Inquiry into the Scriptural Doctrine of Marriage and Divorce. Addressed to the Two Houses of Parliament.
1801 £45.00
[JOHNSON (James)]
Panegyrical Essays upon the Prayer Lord, Pity the People; the only words of William 1. Prince of Orange, The Founder of the Government of the United Provinces, at his sudden and violent Death, 10th July 1584. Transform'd into the Order they are now in, Anno 1714, upon his Majesty's Accession to the Crown.
1716 £50.00
[KENNETT (White)]
Convocation-Craft: or, a brief History of the Intrigues, and Insolence, of English Convocations under the Papacy, till Restrain'd by King Henry V111. With an Account of their Behaviour since, intermix'd with proper Reflections, and Authorities to prove, that when they act beyond their Commission from the Crown, they incur the Danger of a Præmunire.......
1717 £65.00
[LEFEVRE (Mrs. -)]
An Extract of Letters by Mrs. L***.
1769 £95.00
[MANNING (Robert)]
England's Conversion and Reformation compared. Or, the Young Gentleman directed in the Choice of his Religion. To which is premised, A brief Enquiry into the General Grounds of the Catholick Faith. In a Conversation between a Young Gentleman and his Preceptor. Divided into Four Dialogues.
1725 £110.00
[MASON (G. E.)]
Catalogue of an Important and Valuable Collection of Books, Containing Numerous Rare and Curious Articles Relating to the Discovery, Early History, and Religious and Political Controversies of America and West Indies... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson... on Friday, the 25th of May, 1860. London: J. Davy and Sons, 1860. [2],214pp., the property of G. E. Mason according to a cont. note in ink on title, orig. printed wrappers, 2628 lots. [Bound with:] Catalogue of a Large and Extremely Curious Collection of Theological Books, Consisting of Versions of the Holy Scriptures... being the Third Portion of the Entire and Extensive Collection of Books, Formed by Mr. G. E. Mason, Which will be sold by Auction, by Messrs Puttick and Simpson, on Wednesday, December 12th, 1860.
1860 £85.00
[PARK (James Allan)]
An Earnest Exhortation to a Frequent Reception of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Particularly addressed to young persons by a layman.
1804 £20.00
[PERKINS (William)]
A faithfull and plaine exposition vpon the two first verses of the second chapter of Zephaniah: by that late reuerend preacher of Gods word, Maister Perkins. Containing a povverfull exhortation to repentance: as also the manner how men in repentance are to search themselues. Preached at Sturbridge Faire, in the field; taken from his mouth: and afterwards diligently perused; and now published for the common good. By a preacher of the word. With a preface prefixed, touching the publishing of M. Perkins his Workes. And a catalogue of all such particulars thereof, as are to be expected.
1606 £195.00
[SANDYS (Sir Edwin)]
Europae Speculum. A View or Survey of the State of Religion in the Westerne parts of the World. Wherein the Romane Religion, and the pregnant policies of the Church of Rome to support the same, are notably displayed: with some other memorable discoueries and memorations, Never before till now published according to the Authours originall copie.
1629 £375.00
[SCOTT (Thomas)]
The substance of a public discussion between Mr. Carlile, and a Dissenting Minister : occasioned by some remarks made by Mr. Carlile, in his lecture on theology, delivered at the Free Mason's Arms, Norwich, April 23rd, 1834.
1834 £25.00