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[SHERLOCK (Thomas)]
A Letter from the Lord Bishop of London, to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster; on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes.
1750 £65.00
[SHERLOCK (Thomas)]
A Letter from the Lord Bishop of London, to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster; on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes.
1750 £145.00
The Jesuits Loyalty, manifested in Three several Treatises lately written by them against the Oath of Allegeance: with a Preface, shewing the Pernicious Consequence of their Principles as to Civil Government. Also Three other Treatises concerning the Reasons of the Penal Laws. viz. 1. The Execution of Justice in England, not for Religion, but for Treason. [by William Cecil, Baron Burleigh]. 11. Important Considerations, by the Secular Priests. [by William Watson]. 111. The Jesuits Reasons Unreasonable.
1677 £195.00
[TEMPEST (Stephen)]
Religio Laici: or, a Layman's Thoughts upon his Duty to God, His Neighbour, and Himself.
1764 £60.00
[TINDAL (Matthew)]
New High-Church turn'd old Presbyterian. Utrum horum never a barrel the better herring.
1709 £20.00
[YONGE (Sir William)]
Sedition and Defamation Display'd: in a Letter to the Author of the Craftsman.
1731 £25.00
Remarks upon the second part of Principles Political and Religious; being intended, as a Supplement to the Letter from Aberdeen, in Answer to Norman Sievwright, A. M. Minister of the authorised Congregation in Brechin.
1768 £75.00
An Address Presented to the Reverend and Learned Ministers of the Church of England, by one sincerely desirous of finding out the Truth, in behalf of himself and others equally concern'd, as well for their own as the general Satisfaction.
1688 £45.00
Musae Sacrae: seu Jonas, Jermiae Threni, & Daniel Graeco redditi Carmine.
1652 £245.00
ARCHER (Rev. S.)
The Sunday Collectors & Epistles, Arranged in the Form of Question and Answer, for the use of Sunday Schools.
1827 £75.00
BAGSHAW (William)
On Man; his Motives, their Rise, Operations, Opposition, and Results.
1833 £65.00
BARCLAY (Robert)
The anarchy of the ranters, and other Libertines, the hierarchy of the Romanists, and other pretended Churches, Equally Refused, and Refuted, in a two-fold apology for the church and people of God, called in derision Quakers. Wherein They are vindicated from those that accuse them of Disorder and Confusion on the one Hand, and from such as calumniate them with Tyranny and Imposition on the other: Shewing, That as the true and pure Principles of the Gospel are restored by their Testimony; so is also the Ancient Apostolick Order of the Church of Christ re-established among them, and settled upon its Right Basis and Foundation. By Robert Barclay. To which is added, A brief examination and state of liberty spiritual, Both with Respect to Persons in their private Capacity, and in their Church Society, and Communion. By William Penn.
1771 £40.00
A Sermon Occasioned by the Victory obtained over the Rebels in Scotland, on the 16th of April, 1746. By His Majesty's Amy under the Command of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland.
1746 £65.00
The Crowninshield-Stevens-Brinley-Vanderbilt-Whitney Copy of the Bay Psalm Book. [Sold by Public Auction]...
1947 £15.00
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Bengali Language. Translated from the Greek by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants.
1839 £125.00
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Bengali Language. Translated from the original Greek by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants.
1845 £95.00
BENSON (Joseph)
The Inspector of Methodism Inspected, and the Christian Observer Observed. By Joseph Benson. Being an Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, Methodism Inspected, Published by William Hales, D.D. Rector of Killesandra in Ireland: and to the review thereof in the Christian Observer.
1803 £110.00
Bibles & Biblical Literature, Including the Best Works, Ancient & Modern, on the Criticism, Interpretation, and Illustration of Holy Scripture, Being a very complete and extensive Collection of bibles in all Languages, Biblical Commentators and Critics of all ages, sects, and languages, Jewish and Rabbinical Authors, the most important works in every department of Sacred Philology, History, and Antiquities, and other subjects by which the Bible is illustrated, with a Collection of Samaritan Manuscripts Including Three very ancient Pentateuchs, To Which are appended A minutely Classified Index of Authors, and Alphabetical Index of Subjects. On Sale, at the Prices affixed, by C. J. Stewart.
1872 £65.00
BLACKBURN (Lancelot)
The blessedness of suffering persecution for righteousness sake. A sermon Preach'd before Her Majesty at St. James's Chappel: on Sunday December 26. 1708. By Lancelot Blackburn, Dean of Exeter, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Publishd by her Majesty's Especial Command.
1709 £28.00
The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England together with the Psalter or Psalms of David Pointed as They Are To Be Sung or Said in Churches. Oxford: Printed by T. Wright and W. Gill, 1775. 4to, unpaginated, [412]pp. [Bound with:] A New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. By N. Brady, D.D. chaplain in ordinary, and N. Tate, Esq; poet-laureat, to His Majesty.
1775 £295.00
The Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion and Occasional Offices, According to the Use of the Church of England.
1844 £110.00
BOUGEANT (Guillaume-Hyacinthe)
A Philosophical Amusement upon the Language of Beasts. Written originally in French, by Father Bougeant, a famous Jesuit; now confined at La Fleche, on Account of this Work.
1739 £225.00
BOWMAN (William)
The traditions of the clergy destructive of religion: with an enquiry into the grounds and reasons of such traditions. A sermon preach'd at the visitation held at Wakefield in Yorkshire, June 25. 1731.
1731 £50.00
Unanimity and Charity, the Characters of Christians. A sermon preached in the parish-church of St. Sepulchre, June 16th, 1709. Being Thursday in Whitsun-Week, at the anniversary meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools, in and about the cities of London and Westminster. Publish'd at the Request of several Gentlemen concern'd in that Charity. By Samuel Bradford, D. D. Rector of St. Mary le Bow, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.
1709 £20.00
An Abridgment [sic] of Mr. David Brainerd's Journal among the Indians. Or, the Rise and Progress of a remarkable Work of Grace among a Number of the Indians. In the Provinces of New-Jersey and Pensylvania [sic] .....
1748 £395.00

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