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[DUPIN (Baron Pierre Charles François)]
Voyages dans la Grande-Bretagne, Entrepris Relativement aux Services Publics de la Guerre, de la Marine, et des Ponts et Chaussées, en 1816, 1817, 1818 et 1819.
1820 £1100.00
[JENNER (Thomas)]
Albert Durer Revived: Or, a Book of Drawing, Limning, Washing, or Colouring of Maps and Prints: and the art of painting, with the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers. With directions how to lay and paint pictures upon glass. Or, The young-man's time well spent. In which he hath the ground-work to make him fit for doing any thing by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the use of this work, you may draw all parts of a man,... And directions for birds, beasts, landskps, ships, and the like. Moreover, grounds to lay silver or gold upon,... and how to varnish it when you have done. How also to diaper and shadow things, and to heighten them to stand off; to deepen them, and make them glister. In this book you have the necessary instruments for drawing, and the use of them, and how to make artificial pastiles to draw withal. and also directions how to draw with Indian-ink: wherein you have also Mr. Hollar's receipt for etching, with instructions how to use it. Very useful for all handicrafts, and ingenious gentlemen and youths. By Hammer and hand all arts do stand.
1679 £2750.00
A New Voyage to the East-Indies in the Years 1690 and 1691. Being a full description of the isles of Maldives, Cocos, Andamants, and the Isle of Ascention; and all the forts and garrisons now in possession of the French, with an account of the customs, manners, and habit of the Indians. By Monsieur Duquesne. To which is added, a new description of the Canary Islands, Cape Verd, Senegal and Gambia, &c. Illustrated with sculptures, together with a new map of the Indies, and another of the Canaries. Done into English from the Paris edition.
1696 £1650.00
The Skylight and the Dark-Room: A Complete Text-Book on Portrait Photography. Containing the Outlines of Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Heat, Optics, Chemistry, and a Full and Comprehensive System of the Art of Photographic. With Twelve Splendid Explanatory Photographs, and Nearly Two Hundred Illustrations.
1872 £1975.00
ANGELO (Domenico Malevolti Tremamondo)
The School of Fencing, with a General Explanation of the Principal Attitudes and Positions Peculiar to the Art. Dedicated to their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Gloucester and Prince Henry-Frederic.
1765 £3450.00
An Easy and Economical Book of Jewish Cookery, upon Strictly Orthodox Principles. Dedicated (by kind permission) to the Baroness Lionel de Rothschild.
1880 £650.00
London, Winchester, Southampton, Romsey, Lymington, Ringwood, Fordingbridge, and Poole, Common Stage Waggons, Set out from the Warehouse in Winchester every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; get to London every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday; and return to Southampton every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday... Set out from the Warehouse opposite the Vine Inn, Southampton... Nag's Head Inn, in Lymington... Angel Inn, in Poole... Crown Inn, Fordingbridge... Carry Passengers and Goods for the following Towns... Winchester, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Jersey and Guernsey, Romsey, Lyndhurst, Lymington, Christchurch, Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Wimborne, Poole. Performed by James Brockman, Jun. Winchester.
1800 £375.00
Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland; from the Dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II.
1790 £295.00
DESAGULIERS (John Theophile)
A Course of Experimental Philosophy.
1764 £1695.00
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognal)
The Bibliographical Decameron: or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects Connected with Early Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography.
1817 £2250.00
DIBDIN (Thomas Frognall)
A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany. [Bound with:] LEWIS (George) A Series of Groups, Illustrating the Physiognomy, Manners, and Character of the People of France and Germany. 1823. [Bound with:] LEWIS (George) Advertisement. [1823].
1821 £2850.00
A Catalogue of Fruit and Forest Trees, Flowering, American, and Evergreen Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants, Bulbous Flower Roots, &c. Also Garden, Flower, Tree, Shrubs, and Agricultural Seeds, Garden Utensils, &c. Sold by Dicksons & Co. Nursery, Seedmen, and Florists, Waterloo-Place, Edinburgh.
1827 £950.00
DILLENIUS (Johann Jacob)
Historia Muscorum: A General History of Land and Water, &c. Mosses and Corals, Containing all the Known Species, Exhibited by about 1000 Figures, on 85 large Royal 4to Cooper Plates, collected, drawn and engraved in the best Manner from the Originals by the Author.
1768 £995.00
DODOENS (Rembert)
A New Herball, or Historie of Plants: Wherein is contained the whole discouse and perfect description of all sorts of Herbes and Plants: their diuers and sundrie kindes: their Names, Natures, Operations, & Vertues: and that not onely of those which are heere growing in this our Countrie of England but of al others also of forraine Realms commonly vsed in Physicke. First set foorth in the Dutch or Almaigne toong,by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens, Phisition to the Emperor: And now first translated out of French into English, by Henrie Lyte Esquier. Corrected and amended.
1595 £2750.00
DODSLEY (Robert), PEARCH (George)
A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes by Several Hands and a Collection of Poems in Four Volumes by Several Hands (being a continuation of Dodsley's work published by Pearch).
1775 £950.00
Indenture for the sale of Easton Hall, Lincolnshire. Made 31 May 4 1606 between Sir Thomas Cave of Bagrave, Leics, Knight and James Bury of Bagrave, Gent and Henry Cholmeley of Birton alias Burton Corby Lincs., Knight and Jane Elizabeth his wife.
1606 £395.00
FENAILLE (Maurice)
Etat General des Tapisseries de la Manufacture des Gobelins depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours 1600-1900.
1923 £2995.00
An Introductory Outline of the Practice of Ship-Building, &c. &c.
1825 £345.00
The World in Miniature: or, the Entertaining Traveller. Giving an account of every thing necessary and curious; As to Situation, Customs, Manners, Genius, Temper, Diet, Diversions, Religious and other Ceremonies; Trade, Manufactures, Arts, and Sciences; Government, Policies, Laws, Buildings; Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Plants, Drugs; Cities, Mountains, Rivers, and other Curiosities, belonging to each Country. [Vol. II] Containing America, and the Isles thereof. To which is added, an Account of England, Scotland, and Ireland; with the Isles adjacent.
1741 £950.00
History of the Spanish Revolution; Commencing with the Establishment of the Constitutional Government of the Cortes, in the Year 1812 and Brought Down to Its Overthrow by the French Arms.
1823 £245.00
HOOKER (William Jackson)
Musci Exotici; Containing Figures and Descriptions of New or Little Known Foreign Mosses and other Cryptogamic Subjects.
1818 £2200.00
Q. Horatii Flacci satyrarum libri I. Satyra V.
1816 £1295.00
KING (Daniel)
The Vale Royall of England. Or, The County Palatine of Chester Illustrated. Wherein is contained a Geographical and Historical Description of that Famous County, with all its Hundreds and Seats of the Nobility, Gentry, and Freeholders; its Rivers, Towns, Castles, Buildings Ancient and Modern. Adorned with Maps and Prospects, and the Coats of Arms belonging to every individual Family of the whole County... Also, An Excellent Discourse of the Island of Man; Treating of the Island. Of the Inhabitants. Of the State Ecclesiasticall. Of the Civil Government. Of the Trade; and, Of the Strength of the Island.
1656 £3200.00
KING (William)
A Map of a Tract of Country Surrounding Belvoir Castle; Including Extensive Districts of the Counties of Leicester, Lincoln & Nottingham; and the whole of the County of Rutland. Accurately laid down from a Survey taken in the Years 1804.5.&6. by W. King.
1806 £950.00
Fifteen Plates of Composition Ornaments, Made at Langwith Manufactory, Grantham, Lincolnshire.
1790 £11995.00
LIND (James)
A Treatise on the Scurvy. In three parts. Containing an Inquiry into the Nature, Causes, and Cure, of that Disease. Together with a critical and chronological view of what has been published on the subject.
1772 £950.00
LUMSDEN (Matthew)
A Grammar of the Arabic Language, According to the Principles Taught and Maintained in the Schools of Arabia; Exhibiting a Complete Body of Elementary Information, Selected from the Works of the most Eminent Grammarians; together with Definitions of the Parts of Speech, and Observations on the Structure of the Language. In Two Volumes. Volume First: Comprising the System of Inflexion [All Published].
1813 £4250.00
LUMSDEN (Matthew)
A Grammar of the Persian Language; Comprising a Portion of the Elements of Arabic Inflexion; together with some Observations on the Structure of either Language, Considered with Reference to the Principals of General Grammer.
1810 £2750.00
MOLEVILLE ( Antoine François Bertrand de)
The Costume of the Hereditary States of The House of Austria, Displayed in Fifty Coloured Engravings; with Descriptions, and an Introduction by M. Bertrand de Mokeville. Translated by R. C. Dallas, Esq.
1804 £795.00
MORISON (Alexander)
Outlines of Lectures on Mental Diseases.
1826 £1245.00
Candid Proposals to England; Being a true and compendious Description of the preferable Advantages and most beneficial Qualities of a new, easy, quick and efficacious Method of Charging and Firing with a common Musket; which, upon Trial, 'tis presumed, will evidently appear far superior to any Way of Charging now in Use.
1758 £975.00
NORDENFALK (Carlo) Introduction by.
Codex Caesareus Upsaliensis: An Echternach Gospel-Book of the Eleventh Century.
1971 £2975.00
REGNIER (Mathurin)
Oeuvres de Mathurin Regnier. Text Original, avec Notice, Varaintes & Glossaire par E. Courbet.
1869 £1675.00
A Collection of Swiss Costumes, in Miniature, Designed by Reinhardt. Each Plate Represents a View taken on the Spot; To which is added a Description in French and English - Collection de Costumes Suisses, d'Après les Dessins de Reinhardt.
1822 £1295.00
ROSS (John)
A Voyage of Discovery, made under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage.
1819 £4400.00
ROXBURGHE CLUB. WARNER (George Frederic Warner) & WILSON (Henry Austin) Editors.
The Benedictional of Saint Æthelwold, Bishop of Winchester 963-984. Reproduced in Facsimile from the Manuscript in the Library of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth. Edited with text and introduction by George Fredric Warner and Henry Austin Wilson.
1910 £1850.00
SMITH (Charles)
The Antient and Present State of the County and City of Cork. In four books. I. Containing, the antient Names of the Territories and Inhabitants, with the Civil and Ecclesiastical Division thereof. II. The Topography of the County and City of Cork. III. The Civil History of the County. IV. The Natural History of the same. The whole Illustrated by Remarks on the Baronies, Parishes, Towns, Villages, Seats, Mountains, Rivers, Medicinal Waters, Fossils, Animals and Vegetables; together with a new Hydrographical Description of the Sea Coasts. To which are added, curious notes and observations, relating to the erecting and improvement of several Arts and Manufactures, either neglected or ill prosecuted in this County. Embellished with new and correct maps of the County and City; perspective views of the chief towns, and other copper-plates...
1750 £1295.00
Original bookbinder's sample, "Specimens of Bookbinding", representing the choice on offer to prospective customers, including calf and buckram bindings, morocco title labels in contrasting colours, raised bands, gilt tooling and lettering.
1890 £750.00
SWARD (Anna)
Letters of Anna Seward: Written between the years 1878 and 1807.
1811 £795.00
THOMSON (Thomas)
A System of Chemistry. In Five Volumes.
1810 £1495.00
TILLI (Michelango)
Catalogus plantarum horti Pisani...
1723 £2250.00
TURNER (Captain Samuel)
An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama, in Tibet; Containing a Narrative of a Journey through Bootan, and part of Tibet. To which is added, views taken on the spot, by Lieutenant Samuel Davis; and observations botanical, mineralogical, and medical, by Mr. Robert Saunders.
1800 £2875.00
Specimen of Modern Printing Types, by Edm. Fry & Son, Letter Founders to the King, Type Street, London.
1820 £3750.00
A Specimen of Printing Types, By Fry, Steele, and Co. Letter-Founders to the Prince of Wales, Type-Street. [Bound with:] Specimens of Metal Cast Ornaments, Curiously Adjusted to Paper, by Edmund Fry and Isaac Steele...
1794 £3250.00
WILLIAMS (Frederick Smeeton)
Nottingham: Past and Present; Illustrated by Photographs.
1877 £450.00
Federatia Internationala de Gimnastica, Federatia Romina de Gimnastica. Bucuresti Cupa Europei Gimnastica Feminina 1957.
1957 £750.00