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[BAZIN (Gilles Augustin)]
The Natural History of Bees. Containing An Account of their Production, their Oeconomy, the manner of their making Wax and Honey, and the best Methods for the Improvement and Preservation of them. Translated from the French.
1744 £775.00
[JENKS (Silvestor)]
An Essay upon the Art of Love, Containing an Exact Anatomy of Love and all the other Passions which attend it.
1702 £595.00
[MACKERELL (Benjamin)]
A New Catalogue of the Books in the Publick Library of the City of Norwich, In the Year 1732. To which is added, An Account of the Orders prescribed by the Court and Common-Council for the Regulation of the same. Together with an Account of Mr. John Kirkpatrick's Roman and Other Coins.
1733 £2950.00
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1797 [-1800]. Published by Order of the Commissioners of Longitude.
1797 £1100.00
The Court and Country Confectioner: or, the House-Keeper's Guide; To a more speedy, plain, and familiar method of understanding the whole art of confectionary, pastry, distilling, and the making of fine flavoured English wines from all kinds of fruits, herbs, and flowers; comprehending near five hundred easy and practical receipts, never before made known. Particularly, Preserving. Candying. Icing. Transparent Marmalade. Orange. Pine-Apple. Pistachio, and other Rich Creams. Caramel. Pastils. Bomboons. Syrups. Puff, Spun, and Fruit-Pastes. Light-Biscuits. Puffs. Rich Seed-Cakes. Custards. Syllabubs. Flummeries. Trifles, Whips, Fruits, and other Jellies. - Pickles, &c. Also New and easy directions for clarifying the different degrees of sugar, together with several bills of fare of deserts for private gentlemen's families, A new edition. To which is added, a dissertation on the different species of fruits, and the art of distilling simple waters, cordials, persumed oils, and essences. By Mr. Borella, now head confectioner to the Spanish Ambassador in England.
1772 £1495.00
The Complete Art of Boxing, According to the Modern Method; Wherein the whole of that manly accomplishment is rendered so easy and intelligent, that any person may be an entire master of the science in a few days, without an other instruction than this book. To which is added, the general history of boxing. Containing an account of the most eminent professors of that noble art, who have flourished from its commencement to the present time. By an amateur of eminence.
1788 £3500.00
Sphagnaceae Britannicae Exsiccatae.
1877 £1100.00
BRIDGENS (Richard)
Furniture with Candelabra and Interior Decoration Designed by R. Bridgens.
1838 £1695.00
BROOKES (Samuel)
An Introduction to the Study of Conchology: Including Observations on the Linnaean Genera, and on the Arrangement of M. Lamarck; a Glossary, and a Table of English Names.
1815 £750.00
CHAUCER (Geoffrey)
The workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed with dyuers workes whiche were neuer in print before: As in the table more playnly dothe appere. Cum priuilegio. [Edited by William Thynne].
1551 £9750.00
COX (J. Charles)
Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire. Vol. I. The Hundred of Scarsdale. Vol. II. The Hundreds of the High Peak and Wirksworth. Vol. III. The Hundreds of Appletree and Repton and Gresley. Vol. IV. The Hundred of Morleston and Litchurch: and general supplement. Illustrated with heliotypes from photographs by R. Keene, and numerous other plates.
1875 £395.00
Euclidis megarensis philosophi acutissimi mathematicorumq[ue] omnium sine controuersia principis op[er]a a Campano interprete fidissimo tralata... Lucas Paciolus theologus insignis. altissima mathematica[rum] disciplinarum scientia rarissimus iudicio castigatissimo detersit. emendauit....
1509 £4750.00
British Mosses in the English Lake District. [a collection of 7 different issues].
1860 £1600.00
FOURCROY (Antoine-Francois comte de)
A General System of Chemical Knowledge; and its Application to the Phenomena of Nature and Art. In Eleven Volumes Together with a Set of Synoptic Tables, in Large Folio. Translated from the original French, by William Nicholson.
1801 £2445.00
HAMILTON (William)
Letters Concerning the Northern Coast of the County of Antrim. Containing a natural history of its Basaltes: with an account of such circumstances as are worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners and customs of that country. The whole illustrated by an accurate map of the coast, roads, mountains, &c. In these letters is stated a plain and impartial View of the Volcanic Theory of the Basaltes.
1786 £425.00
LANGLEY (Batty & Thomas)
Gothic Architecture, Improved by Rules and Proportions. In many Grand Designs of Columns, Doors, Windows, Chimney-Pieces, Arcades, Colonades, Porticos, Umbrellos, Temples, and Pavillions &c. With Plans, Elevations and Profiles; Geometrically Executed. By B. & T. Langley. To which is added an Historical Dissertation on Gothic Architecture.
1747 £950.00
LOVER (Samuel)
The Collected Writings of Samuel Lover.
1901 £1295.00
A Geological Map of England, Wales, and Part of Scotland. Showing also the Inland Navigation, with the Railroads & Principle Roads.
1838 £1100.00
MARTIN (Benjamin)
The Description and Use of a New, Portable, Table Air-Pump and Condensing Engine. With a Select Variety of Capital Experiments, which, together with different Parts of the Apparatus and Glasses, are Illustrated by upwards of Forty Copper-Plate Figures.
1788 £375.00
MEYER (Henry Leonard)
Illustrations of British Birds.
1835 £9995.00
The Architect and Builder's Miscellany, or Pocket Library; Containing Original Picturesque Designs in Architecture, Of Plans and Elevations for Cottages, Farm, Country and Town Houses, Public Buildings, Temples, Greenhouses, Bridges, Lodges and Gates for the Entrances to Parks and Pleasure Grounds, Stables, Monumental Tombs, Garden Seats, &c.
1812 £1245.00
MOORE (David)
Concise Notices of the Indigenous Grasses of Ireland, Best Suited for Agriculture, with Dried Specimens of Each Kind.
1843 £1950.00
NUSSEY (Samuel L.)
King John, and Ye Abbot o' Canterburie. A righte merrie storie, shewing how ye hygh in ranke may be eclipsed by ye wille of ye lowlie o' byrth. Illustrated by Matthew Hinscliffe, amateur.
1872 £595.00
PAIN (William & James)
Pain's British Palladio: or, The Builder's General Assistant. Demonstrating, in the most Easy and Practical Method, all the Principal Rules of Architecture, from the Ground Plan to the Ornamental Finish. Illustrated with Several New and Useful Designs of Houses, with their Plans, Elevations, and Sections. Also, Clear and Ample Instructions, annexed to each Subject, in Letter-Press; with a List of Prices for Materials and Labour, and Labour only. This Work will be universally useful to all Carpenters, Bricklayers, Masons, Joiners, Plasterers, and others, concerned in the several Branches of Building, and comprehending the following Subjects, viz. Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Gentlemen's Houses. Designs for Doors, Chimneys and Ceilings with their proper Embellishments, in the most modern Taste. A great Variety of Mouldings for Base and Surbace Architraves, Imposts, Friezes and Cornices, with their proper Ornaments, for Practice, drawn to Half-size: To which are added, Scales for enlarging or lessening at Pleasure. Also, Great Variety of Stair Cases; shewing the practical Method of executing them, in any Case required, viz. Groins, Angle Brackets, Circular Circular Flewing and Winding, Soffits, Domes, Sky Lights &c. all made plain and easy to the meanest Capacity. The Proportion of Windows for the Light to Rooms. Preparing Foundations; the Proportions of Chimneys to Rooms and Sections of Flews. The principal Timbers properly laid out on each Plan, viz. The Manner of framing the Roofs, and finding the Length and Backing of Hips, either square or bevel. Scantlings of the Timbers, figured in Proportion to their Bearing. The Method for Trussing Girders, Scarfing Plates &c. And many other Articles, particularly useful to all Persons in the Building Profession. The whole correctly Engraved on Forty-two Folio Copper Plates, from the Original Designs of William and James Pain.
1788 £1250.00
PORZIO (Luca Antonio)
The Soldier's Vade Mecum: or, the Method of Curing the Diseases and Preserving the Health of Soldiers, I. In Camps. II. In Garrisons. III. During Marches. IV. In all the different Countries of Europe. Translated from the Latin of L. A. Portius. Illustrated with Cuts. To which is added, a treatise on the same subject, translated from Frederic Hoffman, Professor of Physic at Hall in Saxony. Also An Essay on the Diseases of Sailors.
1747 £675.00
RADCLYFFE (Charles Walter)
Memorials of Rugby. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by C. W. Radclyffe, Printed by Day and Haghe, Lithographers to the Queen. With Historical and Descriptive Notices.
1843 £595.00
SHAW (Peter)
The Philosophical Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq; Abridged, methodized, and disposed under the General Heads of Physics, Statics, Pneumatics, Natural History, Chymistry, and Medicine. The whole illustrated with Notes, containing the Improvements made in the several Parts of natural and experimental Knowledge.
1738 £2000.00
SKURRAY (Francis)
Bidcombe Hill, A Rural and Descriptive Poem. To which is Prefixed an Essay on Local Poetry.
1824 £295.00
Illustrated Pattern-Book of Sterling Silver and Electro-Plated Goods, Watches, Clocks, Bronzes and Optical Goods, Mechanical Figures, Musical Boxes, Pianos, Harmoniums, Organs, and Musical Instruments, Lamps and Chandeliers, Table Glass, Coloured Glass Ware, China and Earthenware, Art Pottery Goods, Dinner, Dessert, Tea and Breakfast Services, Chamber and Sanitary Ware, General Ironmongery, Cutlery, Tools, Household and Labour-Saving Machinery, Agricultural Implements, Heating and Cooking Stoves and Fire-Places, Guns and Pistols, Carriages, Carts, Waggons, Saddlery, Stable Fittings, Whips, Sticks, and Umbrellas, Leather Goods, Travelling Requisites, Albums, Japanese Goods, in and Out-Door Games and Toys, Bicycles, Tricycles, Etc. Section II.
1880 £750.00
Epitome of Specimens by V. & J. Figgins, 17 & 18, West Street, Smithfield, London.
1863 £1795.00
VIDOCQ (Francois Eugene)
Mémoires de Vidocq, chef de la Police de Surete, jusqu'en 1827.
1828 £2750.00
WALLACE (Alfred)
The Geographical Distribution of Animals. With a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth's Surface.
1876 £750.00
WHITELEY (William)
William Whiteley's Illustrated Furnishing Catalogue & Price List. Comprising all Articles Necessary for Furnishing, Fitting and Decorating Residences of Every Class.
1888 £395.00
WOOD (William)
Index Entomologicus; or, A Complete Illustrated Catalogue, Consisting of 1944 Figures, of the Lepidopterous Insects of Great Britain.
1839 £495.00
YATES (William)
A Grammar of the Sunscrit Language, On a New Plan.
1820 £975.00
A New Map of Yorkshire Divided into Ridings &c.
1804 £275.00