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[BROUGHTON (Dr. Arthur)]
Enchiridion Botanicum: complectens Characteres Genericos et Specificos Plantarum per Insulas Britannicas sponte nascentium: ex Linnaeo aliisque desumptos.
1782 £125.00
The Botanical Pocket-Book; with Observations on some of the Rarer Plants Growing in the Neighbourhood of Tunbridge Wells.
1840 £160.00
[DARWIN (Erasmus)]
The Botanic Garden; A Poem, in Two Parts. Part I. Containing the Economy of Vegetation. Part II. The Loves of the Plants. With Philosophical Notes.
1791 £1200.00
[DEAKIN (Richard)]
The Botanist's Manual: Comprising a Complete List of the British Flowering Plants and Ferns, divided into the Linnaean classes and orders, according to the arrangement of Sir W. J. Hooker; designed principally for the out-door convenience of botanical students and amateurs, as a book of entry for the discovery of plants or habitats, and also as a convenient pocet companion for persons engaged in collecting materials for local floras.
1836 £40.00
[GORDON (George)]
Collectanea for a Flora of Moray; or, A List of the Phaenogamous Plants and Ferns Hitherto Found within the Province.
1839 £110.00
Curiosities of Nature and Art in Husbandry and Gardening. Containing several new experiments in the Improvement of Land, Trees, Fruits, &c. And also nice and useful Observations relating to the Vegetation and Propagation of Plants; with choice Secrets to make Plants, Flowers and Fruits larger, more beautiful, and to ripen earlier than usual. With several copper cuts.
1707 £275.00
[SALISBURY (William)]
A Catalogue of the Brompton Botanic Garden, being a List of such Plants as are cultivated therein. To which is added, a List of the Subscribers. Part I. containing hardy Plants. [all published].
1803 £495.00
ABBOT (Charles)
Flora Bedfordiensis, Comprehending such Plants as Grow Wild in the County of Bedford, Arranged According to the System of Linnaeus, with Occasional Remarks.
1798 £825.00
A Students' Illustrated Irish Flora. Being a Guide to the Indigenous Seed-Plants of Ireland.
1931 £25.00
BABINGTON (Charles C.)
Flora Bathoniensis: or, a Catalogue of the Plants Indigenous to the Vicinity of Bath.
1834 £38.00
BABINGTON (Charles C.)
Flora Bathoniensis: or, a Catalogue of the Plants Indigenous to the Vicinity of Bath.
1834 £50.00
BABINGTON (Charles C.)
Flora Bathoniensis: or, a Catalogue of the Plants Indigenous to the Vicinity of Bath [with:] Supplement to the Flora Bathoniensis...
1834 £85.00
BABINGTON (Charles C.)
Primitiae Florae Sarnicae; or, an Outline of the Flora of the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Serk. Containing a catalogue of the plants indigenous to the islands: with occasional observations upon their distinctive characters, affinities, and nomenclature.
1839 £65.00
BAKER (John Gilbert) & NOWELL (John)
A Supplement to Baines' Flora of Yorkshire. With a map. Part first. The flowering plants and ferns: by John Gilbert Baker, F.B.S.L. Part second. The mosses of the county: by John Nowell.
1854 £30.00
BALFOUR (John Hutton)
Introduction to the Study of Palaeontological Botany.
1872 £22.00
BALFOUR (Professor [John Hutton])
The Botanist's Companion or Directions for the use of the Microscope, and for the Collection and Preservation of Plants, with a Glossary of Botanical Terms.
1875 £45.00
A Lecture on the Geography of Plants.
1827 £125.00
List of Vascular Plants of Bishop's Stortford and District.
1952 £16.00
List of Species of the Flowering Plants, Ferns, Fungi, Butterflies, Moths, Birds, and Fishes Identified by the Members of the Bishop's Stortford Field Club, 1904-1906.
1907 £20.00
BRAYE (John) Editor.
Swanage (Isle of Purbeck). Its History, Resources as an Invigorating Health Resort, Botany, and Geology.
1890 £35.00
Groups of Flowers [Groups of Fruit... & Six Birds...], Drawn and Accurately Coloured after Nature, with Full Directions for the Young Artist; Designed as a Companion to the Treatise on Flower Painting.
1819 £975.00
Flora of the County Wicklow: Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptogams and Characeæ.
1950 £60.00
BRYANT (Charles)
Flora Diaetetica: or, history of esculent plants, both domestic and foreign. In which they are accurately described, and reduced to their Linnaean Generic and Specific Names. With Their English Names annexed, and ranged under Eleven General Heads, Viz. Esculent, 1 Roots, 2 Shoots, Stalks, etc. 3. Leaves, 4 Flowers, 5 Berries, 6 Stone-fruit, 7 Apples, 8 Legumens, 9 Grain, 10 Nuts, 11 Funguses. And A particular Account of the Manner of using them; their native Places of Growth; their several Varieties, and physical Properties: Together with whatever is otherwise curious, or very remarkable in each Species. The whole so methodized, as to form a short Introduction to the Science of Botany.
1783 £195.00
Ehret, Flower Extraordinary. An Illustrated Biography.
1977 £20.00
CHAMBERS (Ephraim)
[Cyclopaedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences...]
1788 £650.00