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[HOWITT (William) & (Mary)]
The Ruined Castles of North Wales. With Photograpic Illustrations by Bedford, Sedgfield and Ambrose.
1929 £145.00
The Skylight and the Dark-Room: A Complete Text-Book on Portrait Photography. Containing the Outlines of Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Heat, Optics, Chemistry, and a Full and Comprehensive System of the Art of Photographic. With Twelve Splendid Explanatory Photographs, and Nearly Two Hundred Illustrations.
1872 £1495.00
ANNAN (Thomas)
University of Glasgow Old and New. Illustrated with Views and Portraits in Photogravure. Published under the Sanction of the Senate of the University.
1891 £795.00
BILLING (Archibald)
The Science of Gems, Jewels, Coins, and Medals, Ancient and Modern.
1867 £145.00
Familiar Chinese Faces: A Selection of Figure Studies of Everyday Life from Photographs.
1915 £750.00
The Duthie Park: A Descriptive and Historical Sketch.
1884 £38.00
Incunabula of British Photographic Literature. A Bibliography of British Photographic Literature 1839-1875 and British Books Illustrated with Original Photographs.
1984 £75.00
GIBSON (The Rev. Thomas Ellison)
Lydiate Hall & its Associations in Two Parts: Antiquarian and Religious.
1876 £245.00
Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures, Works of Art, and Decorative Objects, the Property of His Grace the Duke of Hamilton, K. T.: Which will be Sold by Auction...
1882 £275.00
HINE (Thomas Chambers)
Nottingham its Castle a Military Fortress, a Royal Palace, a Dulac Mansion, a Blackened Ruin, a Museum and Gallery of Art. With Notes relating to the Borough of Nottingham.
1876 £120.00
HOWITT (William and Mary)
Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain. The Photographic Illustrations by Bedford, Sedgfield, Wilson, Fenton, and others. [Sold with:] Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain and Ireland. Second Series. The Photographic Illustrations by Thompson, Sedgfield, Ogle, and Hemphill.
1862 £110.00
HYDE (John T.)
Principles of Gunnery.
1862 £345.00
JOSEPH (Edward)
Catalogue of a Collection of Miniatures by Richard Cosway, R.A. and Contemporary Miniaturists. Illustrated by Photographs of the Originals. In the Possession of Edward Joseph, Esq.
1885 £345.00
KENNEDY (Thomas)
Acton Round Hall. Photography by Tom Foxall.
2010 £75.00
KNOWLES (The Rev. E. H.)
The Castle of Kenilworth, A Hand-Book for Visitors.
1872 £295.00
LUCK (Edward John)
A Record of the Families of Luck and Lock from the 16th Century to the Present Day.
1894 £165.00
MARTIN (Charles Wykeham)
The History and Description of Leeds Castle, Kent.
1869 £375.00
MARTIN (Charles Wykeham)
The History and Description of Leeds Castle, Kent.
1869 £200.00
Photographic Views in Bolton and Neighbourhood.
1868 £2850.00
A collection of 120 Sotheby's Belgravia auction catalogues 1972-82, mostly related to Photography.
1972 £165.00
Masterpieces of Victorian Photography 1840-1900 from the Gernsheim Collection.
1951 £19.00
Old Books / A Collection of Early Photographs and Books Commemorating the Centenary of Fox Talbot and Daguerre 1839-1939. Catalogue 52.
1939 £110.00
Devonshire Celebrities.
1869 £35.00
SHAW (George)
Gems and Pearls. A Collection of choice readings from many writers. By the author "Filey and its Fishermen", etc. etc.
1870 £75.00
SIBTHORP (Rev. R. Raldo)
A Catalogue of Porcelain & Pottery, Oriental, European, & English, the Property of the Rev. R. Waldo Sibthorp, of Nottingham.
1874 £695.00