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Dedicated by Permission to His Most Gracious Majesty. This day is published, Select Portions of the Psalms, with a Collection of Metrical Versions, by the most approved authors, and adapted to Music arranged and harmonized for one, two, or three voices, by Mr J. Macdonald Harris. The Profits of the Publication will be exclusively applied to the Support of the Infant School, and a School of Industry. Subscriptions received... where the Work may be seen...
1826 £65.00
[MAXWELL (John)]
An Essay upon Tune. Being an attempt to free the Scale of Music, and the Tune of Instruments, from Imperfection.
1781 £1195.00
DEAKIN (Andrew)
Outlines of Musical Bibliography. A Catalogue of Early Music and Musical Works: Part I [All Published].
1899 £16.00
Beiträge zur Beethoven-Bibliographie., Studien und Materialien zum Werkverzeichnis von Kinsky-Halm.
1978 £20.00
FOA (Eugénie) pseud. [i.e. Eugénie Rebecca Gradis]
Les Petits Musiciens.
1840 £32.00
FRERE (Walter Howard)
Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica. A Descriptive Handlist of the Musical & Latin-Liturgical MSS. of the Middle Ages, Preserved in the Libraries of Great Britain and Ireland.
1901 £75.00
GALLINI (Giovanni-Andrea)
A Treatise on the Art of Dancing.
1762 £1650.00
Catalogue of Early Books on Music (Before 1800).
1913 £19.00
Catalogue of Books, Pictures, Prints Etc., Presented by Mrs. Laetitia Hollier, and also of Books and Music in, the Library of Gresham College.
1872 £19.00
HAMILTON (James Alexander)
Hamilton's Catechism on the Nature, Invention, Exposition, Development and Concatenation of Musical Ideas, illustrated with examples from the most celebrated authors, respectfully dedicated to S. H. A. Marsh, Esq.
1838 £35.00
HUNTER (David)
Opera and Song Books Published in England 1703-1726: A Descriptive Bibliography.
1997 £16.00
LEVY (Lester S.)
Picture the Songs. Lithographs from the Sheet Music of Nineteenth-Century America.
1976 £21.00
LOWENS (Irving)
A Bibliography of Songsters Printed in America before 1821.
1976 £15.00
LUISI (Francesco)
Laudario Giustinianeo: edizione comparata con note critiche del ritrovato Laudario Ms 40 (ex Biblioteca dei padri Somaschi della salute di Venezia) / attribuito a Leonardo Giustinian...; integrato dagli autorevoli codoci Venezia... studio documentario sull'organizzazione musicale delle Scuole Grandi di Venezia... a cura di Francesco Luisi.
1983 £95.00
LUNN (Charles)
The Voice and its Training. A paper read in the Fitz-William Museum, Cambridge, January 3, 1889, at the annual meeting of the National Society of Professional Musicians. [With:] Addendum.
1889 £38.00
MALCOLM (Alexander)
Malcolm's Treatise of Music, Speculative, Practical, and Historical. Corrected and Abridged, by an Eminent Musician.
1776 £100.00
English Composers of the Twentieth Century. Catalogue 1012.
1981 £15.00
Bubbles of the Day, a New Comic Song written for Private Parties, and dedicated to Public Companies, by the Author of Oh! 'Tis Love.
1824 £95.00
Catalogue of a Selected Portion of the Well-Known Collection of Old and Rare Books on Music. The Property of Godfrey E.P. Arkwright.
1939 £15.00
Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Museum. Accessions: Part 53—Music in the Hirsch Library.
1951 £15.00
Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Museum. Accessions: Part 53—Music in the Hirsch Library.
1951 £15.00
The Dance of Love; or Cupid Grand Ballet-Master. A Favourite Song, adapted to a celebrated French Air. With a new Accompaniment for the Harp or Pianoforte. The decorations designed & executed by W. Hakes Smith.
1827 £70.00
Der Freischutzism, or 'Tis a Hit! A Song, written by a Freeshot, Author of many Rejected Addresses.
1825 £95.00
Hymnarium sarisburiense : cum rubricis et notis musicis. Variae inferuntur lectiones Codicum MSS. Anglicorum...Accedunt etiam hymni et rubricae, e libris secundum usus Ecclesiarum Cantuariensis, Eboracensis, Wigornensis, Herefordensis Gloucestrensis,aliisque Codd. MSS Anglicanis, excerpti.
1851 £45.00
A New Comic Chaunt, Oh I will get Wed, or a Catalogue of Curious Curiosities, Mathew's at Home. Founded on an Ancient Manuscript & Dedicated to the Virtuoso, or any Lady or Gentleman not doubting the veracity of the author. The Music perfectly suitable tho not a First Rate Composition.
1825 £85.00