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HEALES (Major Alfred)
The Records of Merton Priory in the County of Surrey. Chiefly from Early and Unpublished Documents.
1898 £95.00
HOPE (Laurence)
The Garden of Kama and other love lyrics from India. Arranged in Verse by Laurence Hope.
1916 £25.00
Qur'ans and Bindings from the Chester Beatty Library.
1980 £18.00
JOSEPH (Edward)
Catalogue of a Collection of Miniatures by Richard Cosway, R.A. and Contemporary Miniaturists. Illustrated by Photographs of the Originals. In the Possession of Edward Joseph, Esq.
1885 £345.00
D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirae XVI. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensitae varietate lectionum perpetuoque commentario illustratae et indice uberrimo instructae a Ge. Alex. Ruperti; quibus adjectae sunt, A. Persii Flacci Satirae, ex recensione et cum notis G. L. Koenig.
1825 £345.00
KANT (Immanuel)
Immanuel Kant's Werke, sorgfältig revidirte Gesammtausgabe in zehn Bänden.
1838 £110.00
KING (Daniel)
The Vale Royall of England. Or, The County Palatine of Chester Illustrated. Wherein is contained a Geographical and Historical Description of that Famous County, with all its Hundreds and Seats of the Nobility, Gentry, and Freeholders; its Rivers, Towns, Castles, Buildings Ancient and Modern. Adorned with Maps and Prospects, and the Coats of Arms belonging to every individual Family of the whole County... Also, An Excellent Discourse of the Island of Man; Treating of the Island. Of the Inhabitants. Of the State Ecclesiasticall. Of the Civil Government. Of the Trade; and, Of the Strength of the Island.
1656 £3200.00
LE ROUX DE LINCY (Antoine J. V.)
Researches Concerning Jean Grolier, his Life and his Library. With a Partial Catalogue of his Books by A.-J.-V. Le Roux de Lincy. Edited by Baron Roger Portalis, Translated and Revised by Carolyn Shipman.
1907 £245.00
LE SAGE (Alain-René)
Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane par Le Sage. Vignettes par Jean Gigoux.
1836 £45.00
LORRIS (Guillaume de) & MEUNG (Jehan de)
Le Roman de la Rose par Guillaume de Lorris et Jehan de Meung. Nouvelle édition, revue et corrigée sur les meilleurs et plus anciens manuscrits, par M.Méon.
1814 £345.00
MICHON (Louis-Marie)
Les Reliures Mosaïquées du XVIIIe Siècle.
1956 £395.00
MITCHELL (William Smith)
A History of Scottish Bookbinding 1432 to 1650.
1955 £45.00
MOLEVILLE ( Antoine François Bertrand de)
The Costume of the Hereditary States of The House of Austria, Displayed in Fifty Coloured Engravings; with Descriptions, and an Introduction by M. Bertrand de Mokeville. Translated by R. C. Dallas, Esq.
1804 £795.00
MORRIS (Ellen K.) & LEVIN (Edward S.)
The Art of Publishers' Bookbindings 1815-1915. Foreword by Ruari McLean.
2000 £75.00
Binding Exhibit Paris, 1900.
1900 £35.00
Binding Exhibit Paris, 1900.
1900 £35.00
PARIS (Paulin), DE MARTONNE (G. F.), MICHEL (F.), LE GRAY (Edward) & DE PARIS (Raimbert)
Li romans de Berte aus grans Piés. [with:] Li romans de Garin le Loherain. [with:] Li Romans de Parise la Duchesse. [with:] La Chanson des Saxons. [with:] Li romans de Raoul de Cambrai. [with:] La chevalerie Ogier de Danemarche. [with:] Le Romancero François. [with:] La chanson d'Antioche.
1833 £1995.00
PENNEY (Clara Louisa)
An Album of Selected Bookbindings.
1967 £16.00
REGEMORTER (Berthe van)
Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library.
1961 £85.00
REGEMORTER (Berthe van)
Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library.
1961 £85.00
REGEMORTER (Berthe van)
Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library.
1961 £85.00
REGNIER (Mathurin)
Oeuvres de Mathurin Regnier. Text Original, avec Notice, Varaintes & Glossaire par E. Courbet.
1869 £1675.00
SWARD (Anna)
Letters of Anna Seward: Written between the years 1878 and 1807.
1811 £795.00
Tertulliani Opera. Recensuit Joh. Salomo Semler.
1770 £275.00
THOMSON (Thomas)
A System of Chemistry. In Five Volumes.
1810 £1495.00

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