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CROOKSHANK (Lt.-Col. C. De W.)
Prints of British Military Operations. A Catalogue Raisonne with Historical Descriptions Covering the Period from the Norman Conquest to the Campaign in Abyssinia.
1921 £30.00
DALBIAC (Col. P. H.)
History of the 45th: 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters).
1902 £85.00
Étude sur les Anciennes Compagnies d'Archers, d'Arbalétriers et d'Arquebusiers.
1879 £745.00
List of Subscribers to the Testimonial Presented by the Quartermaster, N.C. officers, Members & ex-Members of the H. Troop of R. 1st D. Y. C. to Cap. J. Garratt, Esq. on his retirement from the Troop, 1874, after a lengthened service of Forty Years.
1874 £95.00
A True Dialogue between Thomas Jones [a pseudonym], a Trooper, lately return'd from Germany; and John Smith, a Serjeant in the First Regiment of Foot Guards. To which is subjoin'd, a Second Letter, taken from The Constitutional Journal, concerning Mercenaries.
1743 £85.00
The Exercise of the Foot; with the Evolutions, According to the Words of Command, as they are Explained. As also the Forming of Battalions, with Directions to be Observed by all Colonels, Captains, and other Officers in their Majesties Armies. By Their Majesties command.
1690 £475.00
DUDGEON (Major R. C.)
History of the Edinburgh, or Queen's Regiment Light Infantry Militia (now) Third Battalion The Royal Scots, with Account of the Origin and Progress of the Militia, and a Brief Sketch of the Old Royal Scots.
1882 £40.00
EVERARD (Major H.)
History of Thos. Farrington's Regiment Subsequently Designated the 29th Worcestershire Foot 1694-1891.
1891 £125.00
The Fatal Consequences to be feared (if not speedily prevented) by our assisting the Queen of Hungary, and the King of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, and on the Coasts of Italy, and from the Treaty we entered into with Them at Worms in September 1743. And likewise the Danger of keeping our Lord Mercenary Hanoverian Troops in the Pay, when they are not in the Service of Great Britain. As also the imminent Danger of employing our Naval Force in the Service of Foreigners, and exposing our own Trade to the Depredation of Spain, leaving our own Coast naked and open to the Insults (if not to the Invasion) of France.
1744 £90.00
FELLOWS (George) & FREEMAN (Benson)
Historical Records of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1794 to 1924. With a Foreword by Colonel Sir Lancelot Rolleston.
1928 £110.00
Record of the 9th [Volunteer] Battalion (Highlanders) The Royal Scots or The Raising of a Volunteer Regiment and its Conversion into a Full-Strength Battalion of the Territorial Force. 1900-1909.
1909 £45.00
A Correct Sketch of the Northern Seat of War, Exhibiting the Whole of the Country, wherein the British Troops under the Command of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, have been employed. Together with an account of the different battles and sieges, within the extent of this sketch. As the capital is probably the object of the combined army, now under the immediate command of the Emperor of Germany, the view is extended to Paris & Versailles.
1794 £550.00
FLOWER (Captain Lamorock)
Historical Record of the 3rd Royal Surrey Regiment of Militia, No. 118. Raised in 1798—Revived in 1853. Head Quarters:—Kingston-on-Thames. With which is Incorporated a Short Sketch of the History of the Militia.
1869 £110.00
A Second Letter to a Late Noble Commander of the British forces in Germany. In which the noble commander's address to the public, his letter to Colonel Fitzroy. Together with the Colonel's answer, and Captain Smith's declaration, are candidly and impartially considered. By the author of the first letter.
1759 £50.00
GAM (David)
Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Honourable William Pitt, or an Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of his Conduct in Respect to different Departments, Bodies, and Public Individuals of the State. In a Letter to the Right. Hon. the Earl of Suffolk, in Consequence of his Lordship's Motion in Parliament, and Conferences with His Majesty, for the Removal of Ministers.
1797 £60.00
A Full and Candid Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, Considerations of the Present German War.
1760 £30.00
A Letter to a Late Noble Commander of the British Forces in Germany.
1759 £50.00
GERRING (Charles)
A Record of the Early Volunteer Movement, and of the Notts. Volunteer Regiment (The Sherwood Foresters) 1914-1919.
1920 £45.00
GIBNEY (Robert Dwarris)
The History of the 1st Batt. Wilts Volunteers, from 1861 to 1885.
1888 £45.00
[GOULON (Louis)]
Memoirs of Monsieur Goulon. Being a treatise on the attack and defence of a place. To which is added, a journal of the siege of Ath, in the year 1697, under the conduct of Monsieur de Vauban. For the Use of the Young Gentlemen of the Royal Academy at Woolwich.
1745 £95.00
GRAHAM (Henry)
The Annals of the Yeomanry Cavalry of Wiltshire. Being a complete history of the Prince of Wales' own royal regiment from the time of its formation in 1794 to October, 1884. [With:] Vol. II: From 1893 to 1908.
1886 £65.00
GRAVES (J. Percy)
The 66th Berkshire Regiment. A Brief History of its Services at Home and Abroad, from 1758 to 1881.
1887 £65.00
GRIERSON (Major-General J. M.)
Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908.
1909 £75.00
GROSE (Francis)
Military Antiquities Respecting a History of the English Army from the Conquest to the Present Time: A New Edition with Material Additions and Improvements. [A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, Illustrated by Plates taken from the Original Armour in the Tower of London, and other Arsenals, Museums, and Cabinets.]
1812 £295.00
GURNEY (Lieut.-Colonel Russell)
History of the Northamptonshire Regiment 1742-1934.
1935 £110.00

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