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A Catalogue of Adversaria and Printed Books containing MS. notes, persevered in the Library of the University of Cambridge.
1864 £20.00
[BAUDRIER (Henri)]
Bibliographie Lyonnaise au XVe Siecle.
1881 £25.00
[BREUGELMANS (R.)] Editor.
Leiden Imprints 1483-1600 in Leiden University Library and Bibliotheca Thysiana: A short-title catalogue.
1974 £30.00
[BRYDGES (Sir Samuel Egerton)]
Polyanthea Librorum Vetustiorum, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Hispanicorum, Anglicanorum, et Latinorum.
1822 £175.00
[BULLOCH (John Malcolm)]
Soldiering and Sailoring in the North-East of Scotland: A Bibliography. [Off-print from 'Aberdeen University Library Bulletin, No. XIV].
1916 £21.00
[CLARKE (William)]
Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries. London: William Clarke, 1819. First edition, xlviii, [2], 138, 133*-138*, 139-454, 449*-454*, 455-672, [2]pp., engraved frontispiece and 9 engraved portraits (foxed and offset, the portrait of Towneley is inserted and stands proud), small ink splash to title, 2 woodcuts in the text. [Bound with:] A Dialogue in the Shades; between William Caxton, a Bibliomaniac, and William Wynken, Clerk. Rare Doings at Roxburghe Hall. A Ballad. The Diary of Roger Payne, with a Lithographic sketch on the Monument to be Erected to his memory by the Bibliographical Club.
1821 £1245.00
[DESCHAMPS (Pierre)]
Dictionnaire de Géographie Ancienne et Moderne.
1870 £45.00
[DIBDIN (Thomas Frognall)] LICQUET (Théodore)
Lettre Neuvième relative Bibliothéque Publique de Rouen, traduite de l'Anglais, avec des notes, par Thre. Licquet, Conservateur de cette Bibliothéque.
1821 £375.00
[EDMOND (J.P.) Compiler]
Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Catalogue of English Broadsides 1505-1897.
1968 £25.00
[EDMOND (J.P.) Compiler]
Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Catalogue of English Broadsides 1505-1897.
1968 £25.00
[FUSI (Francesco)]
Bibliografia od Elenco Ragionato delle Opere Contenute nella Collezione de' Classici Italiani.
1814 £65.00
[JACKSON (William A.)]
An Annotated List of the Publications of the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Based mainly on those in the Harvard College Library with Notes of others.
1965 £20.00
[JAMES (Brian)]
A Catalogue of the Tract Collection of Saint David's University College, Lampeter.
1975 £16.00
[JOOST (Siegfried)]
Bibliotheca Docet. Festgabe für Carl Wehmer.
1963 £16.00
[LIEBAERS (Herman)] Compiler.
Quinze Années d'Acquisitions de la pose de la Première Pierre à l'Inauguration Officielle de la Bibliothèque.
1969 £14.00
[MARSHALL (Robert G.)]
Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in Italy and of Books in Italian Printed Abroad 1501-1600. Held in Selected North American Libraries.
1970 £125.00
[NICOLL (Alexander)]
Catalogus sive notitia manuscriptorum qui a cel. E.D. Clark comparati in Bibliotheca Bodleiana adservantur.
1815 £48.00
[OLDYS (William) JOHNSON (Samuel) & MAITTAIRE (Michel)
Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, in locos communes distributus cum indice auctorum.
1743 £1850.00
[OLDYS (William) JOHNSON (Samuel) & MAITTAIRE (Michel)
Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, in locos communes distributus cum indice auctorum.
1743 £2445.00
[ORMEROD (James)
Derbyshire. A Select Catalogue of Books about the County.
1930 £10.00
Bibliotheca Parisiana. A Catalogue of a Collection of Books, Formed by a Gentleman in France, not less Conspicuous for his Taste in Distinguishing, than for his Zeal in Acquiring, whatever, of this kind, was most Perfect, Curious, or Scarce. It includes... Books Magnificently Printed on Vellum, with Illuminated Paintings; Manuscripts on Vellum, Embellished with Rich Miniatures... They will be Sold by Auction, in London, on Monday the 26th of March, 1791, and the Five Days Following.
1791 £575.00
[TAYLOR (Arnold R.)] Compiler.
A Catalogue of the Icelandic Collection.
1978 £20.00
[THOMPSON (Henry Yates)] Editor.
Facsimiles of Two "Histoires" by Jean Foucquet from Vols. I. and II. of the "Anciennetés des Juifs", Numbered Respectively 247 français in the National Library of France, and 101 in in the Supplemental Volume... of the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts in the Collection of Henry Yates Thompson, to Which is Added a Notice with 2 Photogravures and Four Photographic Facsimiles (By Three-Colour Process) from Detached Pages of a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript of "Historie Ancienne jesqu'à Romains".
1903 £375.00
[WHITING (John)]
A Catalogue of Friends Books; Written by Many of the People, Called Quakers, from the Beginning or First Appearance of the said People.
1708 £395.00
Granata: Libros Antiguos Catalogo Siglo XVI. Siglo XVI - Militares - Esgrima - Varios - Suplemento.
1980 £30.00